All humans are allowed to get angry and, as most will agree, angry Fawad is hot as heck , but no violence of man against woman should be condoned as if it were a natural part of society. Each and everybody was perfect for their roles. She is so capable and celebrated, with a little bit of attention to narrative and commitment to a thinking audience this could have truly turned into a gem for generations to come much like Dhoop Kinarey and Humsafar which I have not watched! I too noticed the nose size……but she does look pretty in many scenes….. I absolutely agree that there was opportunity wasted to truly show character transformation, resolution, and catharsis. Kankar will be shown instead of

FK has spoken about it being his fav.. And at the end of the day, it is still their typical banter, hardly a heartfelt discussion. My, now THIS looks good. Kaun Hai Video Source: I dnt like her at al…she is so all about me me me me me type girl.. So true Molly…very aptly put….. I generally do not watch serials but did so on the avid insistence of my friend and now am suffering fron withdrawal symptoms myself. I am assuming though that this must be an original UA screenplay and not based on one of her books, otherwise folks would already have known the entire story.

What they are showing is that a woman, in order to be GOOD, will take such abuse and turn epiisode other cheek. For me fawad n Sanam had very little chemistry.

Just because of the llkha connection being Fawad? I had no idea though that it was some kind of phenomenon. Honestly Kashaf inspired me so much. She is so capable and celebrated, with a little bit of attention to narrative and commitment to a thinking audience this could have truly turned into a gem for generations to come much like Dhoop Kinarey and Humsafar which I have not watched!

It is known for tasha unique shows to the viewers. Like I have said in my previous comments that I am a die hard Fawad fan n want nothing but great success for him in Bollywood.


Good content and good products is what we all want. Why did they then spend so much time on this in the beginning? Hi Atty…yeah loved that dialogue taahan Bhag Milkha Bhag…afterall we all share the similar kind of traditions and values and glad Zindagi channel is bringing us closer. Haya Kay Daman Main. Hi Samrita, you are right…….

Aasmanon Pay Likha

Ek district ko bhi administrative ke point of view se kai sub division me divide kiya jata hai jinka administrative head ko SDM kahte hai. To kabhi unke against desicion mat Lena. Kaun Hai is Colors tv serial. He was commendable as Zaroon and I anytime would prefer Zaroon over Ashar but Sanam Saeed deserves much more appreciation and credit for portraying Kashaf with sheer brilliance.

There are people who love and appreciate this drama even when they are not in such a situation.

Also the verified icon the blue check mark on twitter helps, but a lot of the lesser known, and non-American actors have to jump thru hoops to get that blue check mark, Fawad surprisingly!

I met Sanam and Sarwat yesterday and it was an absolute pleasure. Have provided a bit of the goss in my comment below abt how when fk was here to attend the hello hall of fame awards where he recd the best new face award, he sat thru the nite unsmiling …looking almost disturbed. I would recommend this drama strongly to anyone who understands a bit of Punjabi. India ke raajdhaani New Delhi hai.

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Time does not heal completely. I too can remember loads of dialogues from Durreshehwar, Daam and surprise, surprise even Maat! IMHO Such a hurry ending, 1 more eps.

Samrita Lata Laksh hi to all of u. Hi RD n Atty, we all have to agree that filmmaking is a moneymaking business.


ZGH phir se air kar rahein hain…. I am eepisode tears with the final episode. Ireally do not have anyone here to share my views on ZGH so i constantly am trolling the internet for blogs where I can discuss my insights with fellow fans…lovely talking to you.

After the hot n heavy reunion, which was filled with a lot of empty sweet-talk and banter, we ddesi another long scene of basically nothingness.

As for Usama and Asmara being there was to show how fragile and flawed their relationship still was. Did you all get after they showed the clip of the library scene how Sanam said that in the novel, Zaroon actually did raise a hand to Kashaf and slapped her right in the middle of the library? Thanks a lot once again.

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Udaari by Hum Tv Episode I do agree that the finale was kinda rushed, especially after the epi where Kashaf dreamt of Zaroon sending a divorce her way my heart sank when they showed that. Yes absolutely unbelievable Aish…daddy issues toh doob hi Gay of which they showed us 15 episodes and the most fundamental reason Kashaf being how she is was brushed under the carpet over a two minute dinner and instead Osama aasmnao Asmara ka retarded reason bangay for conflict.

Iski abaadi 1,, se jaada hai. Episide message given out still remains confusing and incomplete. Hope actually ends here with indian dramas.

It was fabulously directed and very well edited.