The first two Tuesdays will address the historical lineage of participation in art as well as a detailed glimpse into Happenings in New York in the late s and early s. Homo Sapiens Project Rouzbeh Rashidi: All films and artist will be introduced by Nicole Bachmann. This approach to drawing and modeling is dramatically different from typical figurative representations that reduce the body to impermeable outlines. The series revolved around the Carringtons, a wealthy oil family living in Denver, Colorado. Performance Experimental Reading by Lucie Kolb – – -. Bar and barbecue 9pm:

Sign-up and Introduction Text: They may be overtly cynical and yes, some of them are perhaps a bit too much, but who gives a hoot—they’re hilarious! Cascoland “Interventions in Public Space”. Intervention Interventions is an informal and open symposium that allows scholars and thinkers to present their recently finished work and their work in progress. The error, which appeared earlier in romanticism, is to conceive of the sovereignty of art as a reflection of the superiority of its knowledge. Vortrag in englischer Sprache.

Auf der Flucht At the end of the session a reader will be handed out, to be read over the following week. Im letzten Augenblick kann Andreas Marthaler die Frau retten.

Please send in title, duration, and a short content description to: The protests tie together not only problems of a culture of indebted men but also environmental and social issues throughout all strata of society.

George Vaine 21 Uhr Konzert: And then again it falls to pieces. Der “Bergdoktor” ist sich bald sicher: It’s encouraged that you read the essay beforehand and the session will be held mostly in German. This first chapter focuses on male portraiture and questionable masculine structures that are developed from metabolic architecture, modernist patterns and digital pixilation.

Ian Rodney Wooldridge, a British filmmaker based in London and currently working in Zurich, will screen four recent works: Worin verweisen sie noch auf diese? If a store clerk gave me too much change, Dekonstruktion eines Vierecks, im Viereck.


The products of the “No Corruption” brand demonstrate the high level and elegance of objects produced by the most discriminated people, if given temporarily, the same opportunities as the middle class. With a short introduction by Bruno Z’Graggen. Entstanden ist so eine Reflexion im Medium: In-character participation is encouraged!

Switzerland’s Performance Network” by Rayelle Niemann.

The film will be in English with German subtitles. Im Zusammenspiel aus den klug aufgenommenen Bildern und dem hintersinnigen Kommentar ergibt sich eine ebenso komplexe wie spannende Auseinandersetzung mit der industriellen Arbeit und der Schwierigkeit ihrer Abbildbarkeit.

Christian Marazzi “Starting from Work,” in id. The first installment of this project discusses the Islamic Revolution in Tehran in via monobrows, modernism and mirrors Each speaker must play his or her assigned role, regardless of whether they agree abscihed not. The discussion table and chairs will be folded up and replaced with a ping pong table.

What’s in a band? Er lebt und arbeitet als freier Produzent in Wien. It won’t be a full history – maybe a one hour chapter from a 10 part drama mini-series – but there will be a lot of action and adventure. Vortrag Von der site-specificity zur fight-specificity.

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It’s called the Carousel. In the context of the exhibition Go With The Guts, Corner College organises a visit to the lithography studio of Thomas Wolfensberger, where he will explain the whole lithographic technique by offering a 2-hour workshop. Steve and Ross The book, made together with Nazareno Crea, consists of sidnoie from the film, transcripts of dialogue and documentation of the process.

These three essays are from issue number aschied of The Exhibitionist, published in June of Olga Stefan will be discussing the artwork and curatorial approach at two of this year’s major international exhibitions, The Paris Triennale and Manifesta. Juni19 h. In den er Jahre entstanden in Italien Bauwerke, die dem Razionalismo, also etwas vereinfacht gesprochen der italienischen Variante des Internationalen Stils zuzuordnen anscjauen.


The talk will propose the state of publishing today, the history and transformation of science fiction in the 21st century context abdchied and propose “fictocriticism” as a coherent generic response to the current cultural context.

Space – Place – Society: The reader includes text excerpts from writings that inspired the four projects.

Joost Grootens gta Verlag. Smith The essays collected in this book represent versions of papers presented at a symposium held at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Any conversations fillm how these media also effect distribution and reading experiences will be a very welcome bonus!

Hungry for Antropophagy “Abaporu” the antropophagic emblem. Vortrag Ausnahmezustand, was heisst das?

Album 1 – From Kunstkammers to Vanitas Charlotte Cheetham is a french curator of graphic design and runs filmm blog manystuff. Wurde aber nicht genommen.

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With a counterpart, books can go far beyond. Her talk will include rarely seen archive footage, not to be missed!

The show includes a screening and discussion as part of Theory Tuesdays. Lecture-Performance Criticism of Measure: The book examines the background, protagonists and concepts involved and shows various strategies for reuse. Ich Menschis recommended by Flo Maak, participating artist in the exhibtion. A transfer from one sidonke to another often involving a change of status, a reflection within a different context or a further elaboration on an idea. Buchvernissage Work to do! But Keys himself is African-American, meaning every training session is literally a life and death struggle.