Dark Light Custom Preview. Akatsuki, Miu, Kazuha and Chikage team up and easily subdues all opposition. Great Guardians Queen’s Blade: Goodbye Parallel World Chapter 1: Akatsuki later realizes that Alayzard is in turmoil and decides to return there to check on the situation. Later Haruka, who is starting to become attracted to Akatsuki, returns his jacket to Miu, too flustered to face him personally. Espers are people who have supernatural-like abilities.

Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by giants. After a vicious battle, Akatsuki knocks Phil down. Miu considers killing Akatsuki in his sleep but reconsiders just as a still asleep Akatsuki defends himself in an unusual manner. It turns out that she is concerned about going to school with students so much older than she is. A guy awakes to find himself in limbo which looks like a school. So there’s this fantasy world and a portal opened to it and a bunch of people were sucked in. Realizing the Point of the Fall Epilogue: Akatsuki figures out how to summon his Arms Device, a large demonic sword previously used by Miu’s Dark Lord father, and after dispatching the monster, exposes the culprit behind the attack as one of Onizuka’s victims who wanted to frame Onizuka.

He’s kind of uncouth, but he brought back a girl who, unlike him, is not originally from Earth. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Japanese: Akatsuki and his team placed first in the rankings tournament and are moved into the A class.

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He decides to use it to create a perfect world. Akatsuki and Miu are now dating.

Death Parade Personal Recommendation Plot: A episode anime aesthtica by Arms aired between July and September Bonds of Holy Water Chapter 4: In the future, the world is split into 3 empires: The signal of the end aestheticca peace Chapter 1: But see, “espers” are based around science, not 112 which most people don’t believe exists.


Elsewhere in the building Kaido violently deals with another terrorist while revealing he may be more dangerous than he appears. Kite Kite Liberator In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Those who survive and return are typically gifted with magic abilities. An international training organization named Babel protects these young returnees and trains them in the use of their power.

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The Thoughts of the Other Side Chapter 2: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Truth in the Darkness Afterword. Akatsuki later realizes that Alayzard is in turmoil and decides to return there to check on the situation. Together they attend entrance exams for a special school where they both prove to be extraordinarily gifted in combat based magic. Akatsuki cheers her up and tells her to do as the student council has asked, since it will not deter him in the slightest.

After beating him up the three girls shower together and end up becoming friends via their new mutual dislike for Akatsuki, leaving Miu to wonder if Akatsuki made himself the bad guy on purpose so she could make friends.

Now they all go to this school thing. Upon returning home it is revealed he has brought with him Miu, the Dark Lord’s daughter who was entrusted to him by her father with his dying wish. Then he’s kidnapped by pirates. They both enroll in a special school for people who have returned from other worlds with magic powers.

The Money and Soul of Possibility. No Escaping the Present and the Future Chapter 1: Black Butler Personal Recommendation Plot: Omen of the Upcoming Conflict and Chaos Chapter 1: However, Akatsuki is disqualified during his attempt to remove Miu’s bikini as he leaves the designated game area.


Articles aestheitca Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Articles with Japanese-language external links. As Phil confronts Miu he reveals Miu is to be publicly executed for political purposes and then attempts to sexually assault her.

Akatsuki Ousawa, an Earthling summoned to the world of Alayzard, has recently defeated a Dark Lord who threatened the realm. He flees through a forest pursued by warrior maids whom he defeats by aezthetica their underwear.

Long ago, humanity lived in the sea. Akatsuki and his friends go to the beach and join a special game of tag wherein you are tagged out if you lose your swimsuit.

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The culprit is subsequently frozen in ice by the student council president. When they came back they had these special powers. Soon after, Miu reveals the truth about herself to Kuzuha and Chikage. Dark Light Custom Preview. At first Akatsuki appears to be peeping on Miu while she tries on bras in the dressing room, but due to his “extensive” knowledge of neglish things, ends up helping her find one that fits her perfectly.

Maidens Make Their Move Chapter 5: Thinking that neither Alayzard nor Earth are safe as long as she is present, Miu jumps into the river but is saved by Akatsuki. Using his aesthetics skills Akatsuki succeeds in removing the bikini tops of every girl on the beach, including Haruka who also loses her bottoms.