Finecode May 6, at 6: DO mind if you send it to me pls. Sunite June 27, at 4: Thanks for all the web sites I have checked out a lot of them. Does anyone ever read the other comments? I was really pissed of when i knew that the ep is the last. I love this anime so much! P95IPod April 3, at 1:

Hopefully, when the manga is far enough, the anime will start to be shown on TV. Hi, can somebody please tell me if there is anywhere on the web where you can find one piece episodes in rmvb format? If anybody knows where i can get these subbed, not dubbed it would be really appreciated. It also depends on Shueisha. Usually, the 1st print numbers of each volume for Bleach was 1 million per volume. I have been looking for this anime, but cant seem to find it.

Sunite August 18, at Thank you sooooo much!! So hopefully they have just learned from past errors and are now waiting until they can continue in a way worthy of the anime.

HaVoK April 20, at 2: I dont care for the Japanese Version.

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Where can you watch Inuyasha episodes online Japanese dub and English subtitles? I need my daily kenpachi meds lol.

It needs to be in english tho. You can download shaman king japanese episodes with english subtitles at jimmysuniverse.


The only two here that have links are NOT located in the anime movie topic, so they warrant easy to find links. Hassan August 18, at They care about their ratings in Japan since they are Japanese. Cause there are very many good anime series out there. I want Bleach back with Inoue, Chado, Renji and all its cast back!! Sunite April 4, at When Bleach ended during episodeIchigo had mentioned that he would see Rukia again.

I started watching bleach recently and it started off great but now its kind of the anime version of Twilight with Orihime staring as Bella the boring…. Aizen did say at one point that he had been keeping an eye on Ichigo since birth and that he was special ever since he was born.

Hallowichigo23 April 4, at 2: Japanese, english subtitled Shaman King can be found at omganime. Could someone please tell me where to get gravitation OVAs please?

Their fights and the style of drawing is just fantastic! Zack, this should hold us over until I find English downloads! Your email address will not be published. Agree, the fights in bleach are exhilarating! I xnimeratio those might be the dubbed version…. Its a shame, one of the best anime in existence. No offense to the youngsters but I prefer Bleach even when it gets goofball.

Shane May 8, at 9: Sunite March 27, at 7: Here you will find nearly every episode shown on Cartoon Network animerxtio are not yet available to purchase. A very gfar collection nonetheless. His resolve, to protect everyone. First off, what kind of anime sites are you looking for? Just go to Animecrav. I am looking for Fruits Basket episodes in.


By then the manga would be about chapters ahead and that basically means about 65 133. So I think that Bleach is likely to be back.

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Bleach started around 11 years ago with some fantastic graphics and just kept growing. Chongustos April 14, at 1: Anyways, replacing Bleach eipsode naruto SD is ludacrise.

Personally it went up during the Aizen arc and the the final getsuga tensho and the mugetsu was amazing!! To englsh get started, I reccommend yABC, search it at sourceforge.

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Hey try out http: But yeah i can only agree with you. Such an epic start for a serie, really. I am neglish disappointed cause this is out of nowhere.