Tsukasa wins the election by a landslide while Miya and Ai celebrate Sae getting second place and overcoming her shyness at a Karaoke bar. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved August 13, NSFW in this case, refers to ecchi. However, they aren’t the only ones coming as the rest of the girls are visiting as well. Flagging – If you see anyone violating the rules, please use the report button “mark as inappropriate”. Haruka later reveals to Hibiki that she wants Junichi to propose to her during graduation day just like her British grandparents and her cousin, Jessica Morishima and her fiance did but doesn’t want to force him. As the two walk home while laughing at what they did, they help two boys retrieve their stuck birdie on a tree.

Share anime to your friends! They call Miya and Sae to tell them that Ai’s not coming and leaves Ikuo’s gift at his bedside as they go on their long awaited date. Kaoru also begins to realize that even though they’ve been dating for almost half a year, their relationship hasn’t drastically changed from before they were dating. After checking the scales that night, she swears to go on a diet. They do not spoil anything in the current or future episodes. Profile Pictures – Comments made by users with NSFW profile pictures may be removed, depending on the contents of the picture. Despite what happened, Haruka is still interested with him which lifts his spirits up. However, Miya rejects him and goes home, wondering this is how Junichi feels until she finds a kitten at the park and takes it back home.

Despite the size, Junichi tries his best to finish it. As he eats them, she asks him if there is any girl he would like to receive chocolates from which he in turn asks if there’s anyone she wants to give them. Junichi invites Ai and Ikuo to go to the amusement park but only the former two go after Ikuo gets sick.

Fill the linked form if you: But in the end Junichi changes his mind, fixes Kaoru’s bed, and kisses her forehead before going to the bathroom, for which Kaoru thanks him. She is against it, being content with the way things are with her mother.


An awaken Sae explains to a worried Miya and Junichi that she was tired from working late at night and went to the infirmary to rest.

Haruka attempts to help by hiding under the table, which only causes more problems for Junichi when Kaoru spots him and inquires as to whom he is with.

Realizing it was Jessica’s work, Haruka thanks Junichi for caring since she was feeling down since she will be graduating. Junichi wants to kiss her that way again and keeps asking her for the next few days. The series follows Junichi Tachibana, a second year high school student from Kibitou High gogoznime dislikes celebrating Christmas due to a past incident two years ago when his date stood him up on Googanime Eve which left him heartbroken.

After the festival, Rihoko and Junichi go home together where she gives Junichi his Christmas present.

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Movie Broken Wrong Movie Other. On Christmas Eve, Junichi and Haruka decides to relax in the hotel swimming pool before meeting her family but when her family cannot make it, she invites him to her hotel oggoanime.

Retrieved 22 May Jessica is aware about Haruka’s plans and tells her to tell Junichi soon before graduation. As Fall finally arrives, Junichi is still wondering what Sae said that day but he still continues training her until the day of the job interview at a maid cafe. Junichi attempts to ward the dog away only to fall into the river.

As she washes him, Tsukasa thanks Junichi for being with her all this time and reaffirm their love for each other and kiss. While getting a limited amagwmi drink, Kaoru spots a cheap 3 day 2 night bus tour to Kibitou that they plan to go on the next day.

A few weeks before Christmas, Junichi is left depressed as it his birthday, but everyone has left him alone. Ai decides to visit him as Junichi asks her to let him sleep on her belly while singing him goboanime lullaby. Miya later asks Junichi epsiode night about why Ai wants to know about him, but he ignores her, causing Miya to write on his forehead while he’s asleep.


Months have passed since Rihoko and Junichi have become a couple. Junichi arrives with his art project of him and Eppisode at the beach thanks to Kaoru’s help.

Tricking Junichi into meeting her, Noriko confesses to him and attempts to kiss him just as Tsukasa arrives to see this. Junichi lies and says he is with Masayoshi, and Kaoru buys it, leaving Junichi and Haruka gogoajime enjoy their couple’s theme dessert.

After going to the shrine where Sae made a wish, Miya tells Junichi that Sae is going to a hotel for a wedding meeting. Junichi figures it out and holds her hand as they wait for the bus. Having worked late on festival duties, Junichi and Tsukasa make their way home when they happen upon a melon bread van.

The next day, Junichi learns that Tsukasa has apologized amagani the trio and began working with them again.

The next day, Rihoko goes through the same hole again, and surprisingly manages to get through as unknown to her, Junichi had widened the hole earlier. They do not spoil anything in the current or future episodes.

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But when Junichi and Rihoko are about to go with Miya, the latter two falls asleep, making them go the shrine in the morning instead. Retrieved August 13, In the end, Miya has a new respect for her brother and understands why girls like him until Junichi accidentally comes into the bathroom while she’s still using it, calling him a pervert.

In response, Junichi goes all out to provide lunch for Sae only to hold up a line, get her episove sauce picked out by the lunch lady, and to top it off, Sae herself comes to take their food to their table, thus he starts making more of a mental tab of what she likes.