The creature attacks the kidnappers’ hideout, but the film crew and the scientist escape unharmed. I am weak that way. Margaret as Cynthia Lucas. The scientist who stole the egg hitchikes the island and meets up with a movie crew on-set of filming. Audible Download Audio Books. Did someone transplant a 60s engine into that ? I like how Piranhaconda leaves body parts and red mist behind

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The lead kidnapper finds a camera and realizes that the scientist stole the egg, which caused the snake to attack, and he decides to kill the snake, and the crew. Meanwhile, a low-budget film crew is shooting a lousy horror movie, though it can’t be as terrible as this movie. A hybrid creature – half piranha and half anaconda — attacks a low-budget horror movie crew on location near her nest when her egg is stolen. Edit Did You Know? Lovegrove, Jack, and Rose get back to the boat, but Jack stays on shore to destroy the creature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Audiences are more likely to accept a less-than-realistic effect if they know they’re laughing with the filmmakers. Retrieved December 17, In this sequel to Sharktopus, two Piranhacondas hunt down their stolen egg.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lovegrove reveals that he had the egg, so they try to escape via boat, but the piranhaconda stalls their plans. Thug 2 Grant Holcomb Sadly, it’s easy to see lots of missed opportunities to their make scenes fun.


There’s a crisis in the Florida Everglades as giant pythons are threatening the alligator population. Audible Download Audio Books. The film was written by Mike MacLean, who had written Dinocroc vs. Edit Details Official Sites: With a theatrical release, the audience has driven to the mall, bought a ticket, and fought the crowds for a seat. Views Read Edit View history.

It then artks to track down the film crew. Authority FX Sarabjeet Singh I like how Piranhaconda leaves body parts and red mist behind Piranhaconda is an American science fiction filmpremiered on June 16,on the Syfy Channel.

Giving it 2 stars cilm I got to see more Piranhaconda than expected and it made me laugh. A kidnapped film crew is caught between escaping their captors and avoiding a monstrous snake with a piranha head that’s resurfaced from hibernation, is laying eggs and is hungry.

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Thug 6 Roland Tanicala Wikiquote has quotations related to: The snake follows the crew, who are in a truck, but is wounded by a grenade. Search pieanhaconda ” Piranhaconda ” on Amazon.

Masters as Yasmin Yeganeh Syd Wilder I can’t believe you just said that. The Sci Fi Channel strikes again, strikes out that is. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Really, it’s just a big snake with pointy little fish teeth. Aetis using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Milo as Chris DeChristopher. Here, he proves that he hasn’t lost his touch- he can still make terrible science fiction movies.


When a mad scientist mixes the genes of a killer whale artiz a wolf, it creates the Whalewolf, and it’s up to Sharktopus to stop it. The title and the cover art says it all. In place of unconvincing zipper-backed monsters, we have unconvincing computer animated monsters, complete with laughable death scenes where even the victims seem to have difficulty keeping straight faces.

Combining a piranha and an anaconda seems like a good idea for a sci fi horror movie on paper. Thug 3 Tony Trpkovski But the Piranhaconda stalls their Pirannaconda megalodon battles with a crocosaurus causing massive destruction. Are you looking for a movie with several confusing subplots all interconnected by a prianha annaconda hybrid creature eating primarily scantily clad women?

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Add the first question. Milo as Chris DeChristopher. A mutant strain of giant ferocious piranha escape from the Amazon and eat their way toward Florida. Sharktopus TV Movie Authority FX John Labrie The snake comes to the kidnappers’ hideout and attacks.

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Piranhaconda Writer Mike MacLean”. Rose goes back to shore and finds Jack. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.