They then find Gingka but see he has awoken in which they relief. Chao returns to tell them of what he has seen. Gingka, King, Yuki, Masaune and Madoka make it inside the temple and battles begin. So, one day when he was doing some research, Yuki witnessed the Star Fragment first hand. Dashan and the others are stunned, but Kyoya is not, and left with Benkei to practise for the competition. While outside Gingka notices an arrow flying at Madoka and almost hits her. The other bladers shoot their Beys at them.

And, with no scene in the anime directly talking about Ryuga’s age, we can really only go to the manga. Zeo and Toby show their new Beys to him and use it against him. In the first two battles of the second round of the Gateway to Success, Gingka and Yuki and Dashan and Chi-yun easily defeat their opponents. Suddenly they hear a mysterious voice and the dull, grey clouds come apart to reveal a clear blue sky and ruins, which are set up similarly to Stonehenge. Gingka is disappointed that he still does not have any information on the Legendary Bladers. That long ago, Aguma’s ancestor fought alongside Nemesis just like he was now.

Yuki joins them and tells them that he has second thoughts on Kyoya. In order to confirm whether the Legendary Blader who governs another season of the Four Seasons Masamune, Gingka, and his friends participate in the “Beyster Island Championships”. Dashan follows him and asks what’s wrong. They decide to look around the Stonehenge, when a yellow snake appears out of nowhere and scares Yuki. The battle begins in a clash of the Beys.

Gingka defeats Chris in battle but convinces Chris that as a Legendary Blader, Chris is part of a team and not alone anymore. The blader created an explosion, and went up the volcano. Gingka defends Yuki and orders Pegasus to switch to Upper Mode.

Beyblade Metal Fury Episode 44 Nemesis vs Ldrago

Benkei, as well joins. This eliminates both enemy Beys giving Gingka and Yuki the win. Masamune then nemesi loudly for the battle in the gym which make the coach angry. Zeo and Toby show their new Beys to him and use it against him.

Kenta is unsure but Gingka reassures him that everything will be fine and that he’s glad he came, motivating Kenta to continue. Megal, Gingka and his friends, who visited Greece, head through ruins to find a Legendary Blader holding onto Variares, Madoka then finds out that the Blader that caused the wreckage is heading to America. Windows Windows 8, Windows 8.


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Kyoya suddenly told Gingka he would give up the Star Fragment enchanted in his Fang Leone to Gingka’s Cosmic Pegasus in an effort to prevent the world’s collapse to destruction. Kenta then agreed to do the same, remembering of when he first met Gingka.

Chao Xin is taking a walk with his many fans. Shortly, he discovers the final stage and ends up battling a blader who goes by the name of Chris and his bey Phantom Orion.

They are forced to land on a deserted island and use boats to get to the Lost Kingdom of King Hades where they believe Nemesis is located. Tithi, oddly, appears to be very confident in himself with ryuag worries about losing.

The next day, Kenta trains with cans just like Sarah used to. The stone door opens as a result.

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beyblsde He then tells Gingka, Madoka, Yuki and Ryuto to go ahead. The turbulence rocks the helicopter enough to throw Masamune, Yu, and Kenta out of the backroom and into the main cabin, annoying both Gingka and Kyoya. Then, in agreement with Aguma’s proposal, they stop Nemesis’ counterattacks one by one. Jack then moves on to attack Jigsaw ryua his blade, Forbidden Ionis but his opponent blocks it with the ED track and attacks with a special move and Befall is knocked out.

Sol Blaze, the Scorching Hot Invader. Later, Aguma and Bao get off the helicopter and start walking until they are stopped by Johannes. And finally, they put winning or losing at stake with Pegasus’ Special Move.

Ryuto then notices a small hole in one of the stones and looks through it, wondering what caused the hole, which prompts Ryuto to put Omega Dragonis near the hole. Blader DJ announces all of this as the whole world, in fear watches the ongoing action appearing. Rago calls its power and the Gang are sent flying again, except for Gingka, who stands up and protests.

Gingka went up to him and wanted to talk to him. Madoka accidentally placed her hand on the wall, triggering a trap hole below her. During his travels, Kyoya undertakes the extermination of a fpisode that is causing trouble by using a bey. Though he did help Tsubasa, and technically help team “Gan Gan Galaxy”, he physically hurt people multiple times like cutting Dr. He has a flashback of when Kyoya did not help him when he was attacked by Johannes. He found a travelling partner in Kenta because he liked him.


However, as Johannes and the others also do the beybkade thing. The Legendary Bladers of the Four Seasons, who gathered unexpectedly, appeared to pin down Nemesis using a barrier, known as Zeus’ Barrier, but then Ryuga gets out of the circle and starts to absorb Proto Nemesis’ power but fails due to Metak reversing the effect and evolves into Diablo Nemesis.

Bao and Aguma comment on the match to see how powerful the Bladers really are and flashbacks to an earlier time when he and Aguma were training to Beyblade. Each Fragment joins together in the air and collides onto the Kingdom, removing Nemesis’ Ultimate Shadow Beast and powering Pegasus up once again. When Gingka attacks daringly, Dynamis sees through it and took measures against it. Rago and Ryuga launch their beys ending the episode. With each special move launched by King, the stadium supports cracks even more and finally breaks.

A Bey with a crimson red hue knocking out two Bladers by a mysterious group of people wearing robes, raising questions on who they are. The Beys fight but Sagittario is having a very hard time fighting Anubius.

Then a light consumes the door, and the door opens and they proceed through the door to find a shadowy figure sitting on a chair, who reveals himself to be Dynamis. Benkei is excited at this but then turns sad when land at the top of the ruins, not able to aid them in battle. They travel to Dashan’s place judging on whether it is a Legendary Blader or not.

Gingka reminds Yuki of the time he battled Ryuga, giving Yuki strength to help Pegasus and use a special move. The arrow contains a challenge note from an anonymous person.