But thier trouble increases further when they find, Ansh and Saurabh exactly where their car had broken down. He feels happy to learn about the working atmosphere in the office for women. Riya immediately lies and makes an excuse but this only disturbs Bhoomi further as she had never lied to her grandparents. Meanwhile, Varun is heartbroken when Surbhi informs him that she cannot marry him. Ansh wakes up, dresses himself and gives Divya her clothes saying he will tell her what happened last night. Later Bhoomi is on her way back home with her friend Roshni, on her scooty. Shanthi and the entire family gets worried assuming that Vasundhara has stopped Avni’s ‘pag phere’ on purpose due to Varun’s actions. Meanwhile, Vasundhara is against revealing about the marriage to Maan as he is busy with his exams.

How ill Bhoomi react when her grandmother questions her about the watch? But things get troublesome when Vasundhara sees Bhoomi and her grandparents at Indore, waiting for a means of transport. Based in the contemporary times, the show Bhaghyalakshmi narrates the story of two families from Madhya Pradesh. As Rejendar informs the family about Bhoomi’s selection, Bhoomi joins her colleagues for the meeting and later meets her room-mate Riya. As Bhoomi continues to weep in her room, her ‘bauji’ enters the room with a gift for her and she is surprised to find a laptop in it. She also gets dressed nervously. He wakes her up, calls her begum and asks how can she get ill with his torture.

How will Anshuman react to the news of his marriage? Bhoomi and Riya enjoy epieode delicious meal cooked by Bhoomi’s grandmother Shanthi. While she is wondering on the roads, Riya learns from Saurabh about Bhoomi and the trio immediately start searching for her.

She also gets dressed nervously.

Will Vasundhara’s visit to Indore bring Bhoomi and her face to face? Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 5 – March 6, – Full Episode. While Surbhi and Varun bhagyalakkshmi the Indore museum, Vasundhara who meets Bhoomi and her grandparents in Indore begins to chat with them.

Click here to login. Varun is afraid that Vasundhara might meet Bhoomi at Indore and he immediately asks his parents to warn Bhoomi about Vasundhara’s arrival.


Later, Bhoomi’s grandmother finds Ansh’ watch in Bhoomi’s handbag. How will Bhoomi’s grandparents react when they find Ansh in their room? Vasundhara later orders Anshuman to return to Bhopal along with her and Anshuman has no other option but to agree to his ‘Badi Mummy’.

Murlimohan and his wife ask her for some time as Varun’s father Rajendar is not home at present. Will Surbhi who has openly claimed that she does not love Varun, agree for this marriage?

They are pleased to learn that Bhoomi and her grandparents are responsible for this change in their parents.


Avni’s fpisode begins to panic and informs everything to Rajendra. Later, Bhoomi and Riya leave for their room but remain completely unaware of a person on a bike following them. She tries to reach the jeep and get back her file, but Vasundhara boards the jeep and leaves. Meanwhile in Bhopal, the Prajapati family is ready to leave the house but their son Maan is nowhere to be found.

She is afraid that her family will not let her go to Indore. Avni’s in-laws, the Prajapatis arrives at Murlimohan Shukla’s home but refuse to enter the house until Vasundhara Prajapati reaches the place.

Rajendar and Vijendar miss Bhoomi and decide to speak to her in bhagyalakshmj middle of the night.

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Boomi later reveals the matter to her grandparents and they together go to Riya’s house and meet her parents. But Bhoomi is in a dilemma as she is not allowed to leave the job before giving at least a month’s notice.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 3 – March 4, – Full Episode. Later, Bhoomi’s family announces this news to everybody and Bhoomi get shocked as she sees her dreams collapsing. Yuvraj yells that he called him 30 times and says his w…is, then says someone is ill and he should come right now.

Murlimohan is extremely happy with Rajendar’s decision of letting Bhoomi go forward with her dream of doing a job and he decides eipsode himself go along with Bhoomi to Indore for her job. He assures her that he will be by her side in her every decision that she makes. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 7 – March 10, – Full Episode.


He feels happy to bhagyalaksh,i about bhagyalxkshmi working atmosphere in the office for women. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 20 813 March 27, – Full Episode. Surbhi by now reaches her home and is excited about a sudden trip to Indore.

But luckily Vasundhara cancels the meeting and all breathe a sigh of relief. Will Bhayyalakshmi family agree to this decision made by Rajendar? Bhoomi on the other hand is still upset with Ansh as he had kidnapped her by mistake, although he continuously apologizes to her. Vasundhara is once again impressed by Bhoomi and after returning her file bhagyalakshmj her, she asks her to make a wish which she can fulfil. Pavitra hears their conversation and smirks thinking she got jackpot now.

Yuvraj forcefully enters and tells Bhoomi she was severely ill yesterday night. Badi maa says she should rest first.

Later, Bhoomi learns that Riya will be marrying Saurabh at a temple since both of their parents are against it. At the same time they are extremely happy to have a girl like Bhoomi as their daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Surbhi meets the man she had been hoping to meet after her chat with him on the internet, but she is surprised to learn that the man is nowhere near her expectations.

Badi maa tells Ansh and Bhoomi that she came to inform them about diwali. That night, a boy named Ansh who is a friend of Riya’s boyfriend, Saurabh, enters Bhoomi’s room and kidnaps her, assuming that she is Riya. Will Surbhi and Varun start to come close to each other? Varun by then, informs Rajendar and Gajendar about the problem and the matter reaches Bhoomi’s grandparents too.

Will Vasundhara find out about Bhoomi’s job? Ansh however plays along with Riya’s lies and Bhoomi’s grandparents are impressed with Ansh. Doc finally picks call.