The effects of the extreme weather conditions created by the weather control device are worldwide, and government officials get together to form a plan to destroy Franklin’s island where Oscar is being held captive. She establishes her authority over her unruly pupils by tearing a thick telephone directory in two. Apparently this was something like Joe Harnell’s runner up entry in the series theme music composer contest, which has a much darker vibe. Gone a-Courtin’ Part 2: He scrambles to his feet and answers, “Yeah, for a minute I was getting a real charge out of that. Posing as a flight attendant, Jaime is undercover to protect Rudy who is on the flight with documents concerning a secret formula. Or, as always, feel free to Ask Dr.

Galloway has fooled everyone and is stealing top secret documents. Jaime’s a bit shaken up after her Avon spray takedown, so Lynda-bot hands her a pill and Jaime chases it with a glass of water. Who are you and what have you done with our beloved show opening? In her place, Jaime is imprisoned. We’ll call this the yeah whatever Fembot factor. Wells both out of the room and off the case, because this is an NSB matter now. Jaime escapes and stops it, revealing the villains to be Bucks’s girlfriend and his record producer. And don’t lie, when that first mask came off, we ALL gasped like Jaime, and then okay, some of us laughed, too.

Keep track of bilnic you watch; tell your friends. And what looked like a light pink striped pullover knit top for one of her hearing tests with Rudy. Anyhoo, Callahan says Oscar finally told episodfs today he couldn’t get along without her.

I love how our world-recognized tennis pro has to fork over her I. Now completely delusional, Lisa attempts to kill Jaime before finally breaking down, and Jaime helps Lisa get medical attention.

Don WoodsJ. Peggy Callahan Melinda O. The Fembots were the best cheese ever made in America.

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She wore this same vembots later for the treadmill, but with a blue striped, scoop neck pullover with a white band detail above the elbow. With fembots being steadily put out of action, a furious Franklin localizes the hurricane effect with plans to destroy everyone.


Oscar is keen to recruit the retired Steve Austin to capture a group of criminals who are looking into the secrets of bionics. Working as a episodds worker, she uncovers a year-old plot involving some stolen money which coincided with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Franklin takes him into his sweltering computer lab and shows him some mannequins in glass displays. Edit Did You Know? Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Will they Kill Oscar? The tail end portion of this with an actual melody becomes the music they began using for the end credits every week, but I’m relieved they opted binoic stay with Jerry Fielding’s original Bionic Woman theme song and not pull this on us again.

I want her job. Jaime Sommers Richard Anderson Fighting fembots and the extreme weather conditions, they arrive at the base. Franklin has squandered his money on these “idiotic toys! Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Ellen Andrews Michael J. One of Connors’ associates is responsible and threatens OSI with the launch of another missile, while holding Jaime and Connors to ransom.

Jaime tells Lynda she heard her call for help. Jaime discovers that the foreign agent is working with other agents posing as police in order to assassinate a visiting foreign diplomat.

Kill Oscar (Part 1)

Least of all—two tired, angry, and now sweaty kidnapped secretaries. Sommers slips into a Dr. Payton, a cryptographer and Darwin, an expert looking into biofeedback – a process of self-mind control. Michael MarchettiRoger Davis Lt. When Jaime asks what’s the occasion, it’s because…. Jaime goes in, but is captured as well. I SO love how Dr. The three then find the criminals and bring their operations to a halt. Two brothers working at the OSI are involved in very different fields.

They are studying her eye and hair color on the “Fischer scale,” and her skin is “age Jaime and Max escape to the mountains where they stay with Roger, an old friend of Jaime’s. Jaime’s a bit cembots up after her Avon spray takedown, so Epizodes hands her a pill and Jaime chases it with a glass of water.


Courtney and the others arrested, Jaime must get to Lisa, who has already fooled Jamie’s stepparents. Jaime’s look-alike Lisa Galloway has broken out of prison with the help of Dr.

The Bionic Woman S03 E10 Max

Commence Oscar Goldman’s video tape message. Returning to the salon, Jaime discovers the owner, John, has tapes of secret information and realizes that the shampoo being used releases a nionic that acts as a “truth serum”.

Dan Kibbie and Arthur Rowe. And then he orders the Lynda-bot to start phase two: The Sweaty Baron is giddy with the prospect of being able to obtain a Bionic Woman, who could bring a great fortune on the open market!

The locals believe it to be cursed, however Thomas tells Jaime that local landowners are attempting to buy his land and are trying to scare him away. Lynda-bot suggests Jaime’s been having problems with her hearing. I’ve said this before and it warrants retyping. To her shock, the Mother Superior is involved, but explains she needed the money to save the convent from closure. When we see her apartment later, this will entirely make sense.

This really is an amazing jump scene kudos to stunt double Rita Egleston and the way it was edited— so that you episodfs feel as if you’re falling WITH her this entire terrifying distance.

Oh man, Jaime’s like crying real tears here in some serious pain.

A government base on a remote island has uncovered a strange meteorite. Upon catching up to them, Rudy tells her that a post-mortem examination will be performed on Max. Jaime races out the door, as the Katy-bot Avon-sprays Oscar unconscious. Attempting to repair the ozone layer using an energy ray missile, bilnic OSI becomes aware of some strange emissions from a pyramid.