All episodes i belive there is 13 episodes i think. Sometimes its Veoh, sometimes its WCO. FOr all you people… For all your anime needs, please try: I think good general anime information sites are hard to come by. Hell, I am blind, found a hell of a lot of sub titled anime, but no dam dubbed anime. Anyone know if the Naruto dubbed is going to be available anywhere?

PLz plz pretty plz. Were can i download episodes of Inuyasha in english and have it in a format of rmvb? Just go to Animecrav. I need all Saint Seiya episodes You are something special huh? So, any one know of any dubbed anime sites, and I can check them out as well. I’ve been through many different websites, some worked, then failed.

Oh and another good website is crunchyroll. Hey does anyone know where i can get Dubbed versions of Fruits Basket.

If your need is series-specific, it gets easier to find, because rabid fans tend to keep those updated like a MOFO. Does anybody know where I can download Rurouni Kenshin episodes? UNf1fgYd [ Del ] animeultima. Umm, desperado, the list has episode 14 and 15 not much, but something.

Bleach Episode 104 English Dubbed

Touching Across Time Inuyasha the Movie 2: You can also watch on your phone which is also nice. It has every anime that I know of, and many that I don’t and plus you get notifications when the new episode comes out.


I am intrusted in any dubbed anime. Protoculture Addicts is a good magazine for people college age and older. I stick with Soul-Anime.

Now, I have quest and I dont need animeratiio. If it had Case Closed, this site would be amazing. They work and the quality is good. And with English sub? Dragonball Z GT http: I meant to say animmeratio animes download on the spot, so you DONT have to do much. I use if there’s the anime I intend to watch Netflix: Can anyone help… Anyways, a good download site for Naruto or bleach would be http: Does anyone know any sites where you can direct bleahc NO crummy bittorrent!

It sometimes gives you the option of Japanese or English audio. Also, I have about gb of songs anime music included. I am not worried about bittorrents or anything like that. I dont care for the Japanese Version. Some anime sites where you can download lots of series are: Choose a video to embed.

VIZ | Watch Bleach Episode for Free

To watch them, get the VLC player from videolan. If any one is looking for trigun eps in english download the p2p network bearshare they have all the eps except 22 they are in realplayer format which i think is.


I’ve been through many different websites, some worked, then failed. I have looked into finding Shaman King, in English, for free. And Entlish Japanese Anime Sites. Go to a page with the episode you want to download, and click the adblock link 4. Have a look at http: Has a clean interface and a good search page.

KtoqgFoL [ Del ] chia-anime. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh o…k something strange happened to that message… half it its missing… but yeh do fpisode know any direct download sites and torrents dont seem to like me I always get viruses Y. I want just look, find, download, and watch.

How many episodes of MAR in English dubbed are there

I just want to watch it, i dont have to download it. Again, subscription to them would help somewhat Hope that helps somebody. Every website i go to says it xub been removed or I have to pay for.