But we can always hope or at least I will that in the not so distant future Bleach will come back and be better than ever! Whats next is the Final Arc! Takes the whole fun and gory part out of the scenes. Bleach was the start of me watching overseas anime. I have watched every episode that has been released to date English dub and the originals. Its like almost saving a man from falling only to let him slip from your hands before almost pulling him up. Sunite May 30, at

Regardless, although I had some doubts about it at first, after watching other animes, Bleach will clearly always be my favourite. So far there are 92 episodes. No matter who fights, it is exhilarating. Possum May 9, at 2: You are commenting using your WordPress. I just checked out the wiki for the new Naruto SD show and its only like 10 chapters long…. T-BO April 5, at 2:

Takes the whole fun and gory part out of the scenes. After breaking into Central 46, Captain Hitsugaya and Rangiku discover that the forty Sages and six Judges were slaughtered days earlier. Central 46 is the highest judicial body in the Soul Society.

Where can you watch naruto Shippuden episodes dubbed? Well if people in America do buy the Volume 4 that recently came out, funimation might be willing to carry on dubbing it. And kubo mentioned that he will explain everything in this last arc. Have some faith in the Bleach company here. The anime will definitely come back.

Yeah Kubo Tite has a illness related to his lungs or something, hopefully he gets better. Bleach releases about volumes a year, that basically means that Shueisha loses at least one million in sales every year.

Kekkaishi: Episode 9 – A Dangerous Teacher (English Dub)

Would be great to have seen Ichigo in college and his siblings grow up lol. Naruto and Fairy Tail, im watching them right now Like Like. Dub Bleach Full Episode. Till then all we can do is wait and try our best to show our support.


The ending might not have been to your taste but it was more of a pause until Dragon Ball GT started. You may have watched the latest Bleach episode and wondered why it ended the way it did. Want it back, but eppisode to wait for the blach to make some space between the starting of the blach and the ending of the latest manga… because the episodes are catching up to fast….

Its after the episodes ended. Dunavan April 18, at Would be great if there was another season or a spin off of Samurai Deeper Kyo. I still think that fillers are better than waiting four months for the anime to come back. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Choose a video to embed. Start from Bleach if you want to start from where Bleach got cancelled. Kubo has done great to make episodes!

It is way more profitable for them to animate Bleach than animate something like Rock Lee which hardly gets that many viewers. Where can you watch English dubbed episodes of air gear online? Koga May 14, at Sunite April 3, at 1: By then, the manga would be ahead by about chapters which is about 70 episodes.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Currently, there is no clear evidence that Bleach is definitely coming back. At least leave it up to the viewers imaginations on whats happened to bleach afterwards.

There were too many plot holes left so it had to continue. Hi i think that this is a major injustice if u ask me i think nothing will ever come near to the quality of fights and plots that were woven abimeratio bleach i bliv bleach is the best so for me to learn that its over im greatly saddened and disillusioned by whole thing i appeal to the makers of bleach to please consider continuing this wonderful series thats has left me yearning for more.


Haha, i think everyone wants Bleach! Alejandro Episoe 31, at 1: Bleach needs to be finished in its entirety.

Wow man what a shocker. They are not new because Bleach is not yet out. If they anticipated having this much trouble, why not delay the airing of these new shows until the Final Arc was done? So far there are 92 episodes.

And Grimmjow even said to be showed up back in the final arc I really want to see that!! I would just hate to see Tite divide everything into more arcs because personally that would just piss me off since everything would just be split up into bits and bobs, with stupid fillers between the arcs.

What about Bleach qnimeratio so garbage? You can watch it all at Gogo anime or any other popular animestreaming website of your choice. This is going to be EPIC! And the action scenes are epic. Merge this question into.

I only watch anime that r supposed to be more popular. Sunite July 28, at 5: Choose a video to embed.

Like 2 anumeratio 3 years. Bleach is a Great Show i love bleach and even if they cancelling bleach im gonna rewatch everey single episode from beginning to end bleach is one of my fav shows to but i really think this rock lee show is gonna be a mockery to naruto why whould you take out the best characters for him he aint all that sweet.

You are money so get ur asses to work. Hopefully Bleach will be able to go that long.