Anchor Bay Aspect Ratio: Tim Lucas , author of the critical biography Mario Bava: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Star Is Born. Last among the supplements is a booklet, in both German and English, from Kai Neumann in which he dissects the film in an easily digestable and competent manner. However, when they finally reach a rural Esso filling station, the elderly attendant Francesco Ferrini tells them that he’s on his hour break and won’t help them for at least another 20 minutes.

Shot in expansive 2. Kidnapped compares well with the Kino closely matching the bitrate. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Kidnapped in the search box below. He spent much of his time prior to the film in Vietnam and other war-torn regions as a photographer and documentarian. But when the film’s financier was killed during the last stages of production, his entire estate – including the sole unfinished work print of ” Rabid Dogs ” was seized and impounded by an Italian court. Italian Dolby Digital 2. Not a great loss. Last among the supplements is a booklet, in both German and English, from Kai Neumann in which he dissects the film in an easily digestable and competent manner.

The middle-aged driver of this car, Riccardo Riccardo Cucciollaprotests that he has to get his young child — a small, arrabbiatk little boy wrapped up in a blanket — to a hospital, but the criminals force Riccardo to drive them out of the city towards their hideout. Carroll, Rabid Dogs was a departure for Bava, as its emphasis on realism sets it apart stylistically from his colourful horror films. Do you feel this content is inappropriate or infringes upon your rights?

Italian Dolby Digital 1.

Anchor Bay has both version of the film on one dual-layered disc, so it’s our recommendation instead of overpriced older DVD. Audio is also the same – with both versions having a linear PCM track.

Director Mario Imperoli takes this Eurocrimer to the very limits of what people were willing to endure on screen. The Crimes of Gri Add to wish list. Although this was a rather common subplot of most polizieschia small group of films made it their predominate focus.


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However, there is a quiet elegance to the film that allows it to hold its head up high even as time passes. A robbery at a soccer game ends with a dead security guard. Opening at a soccer match as a rather jaunty Italian tune plays over the credits, a group of hooded men in matching jackets rob a cashbox and carelessly kill a security guard during the ensuing chaos.

Perhaps this is a film that lives in infamy even in the hearts of those who were there when it was made. First one dies, then another; how many will be left by the time the sun rises?

cnai Riccardo and Maria are elated, but Doc reveals that he intends to kill hostages to secure their escape. Rabid Dogs is a 90 minute roller coaster ride of a film from start to finish. This version had its premiere at the 14th Brussels International Film Festival in WHen he determines that the perpetrators are led by the untouchable Ardenghi whose father is one of Italy’s wealthiest men, he must find a way to circumvent the letter of the law, at which point it becomes less certain who the areabbiati Rabid Dogs really are.

Blu-ray rating Video 0.

Rabid Dogs Blu-ray: Cani arrabbiati, Kidnapped

Ulmera minimalist noir masterpiece that shows how much drama he was capable of conjuring onscreen with little or no means. Audio is lossless in the original Italian – there are optional subtitles and no extras at all.

Widescreen letterboxed – 1. Game of Thrones 4K: This time around it’s the underappreciated German label, Camera Obscura. Doc, in a hurry to complete their journey, attempts to threaten the old man, who instead pulls a gun on Doc telling them that he was robbed the previous year and cannot be intimidated. Far from being preachy, these elements are well ensconced in a film that takes the tropes of the Eurocrime action film and utilizes them in such a way that a statement could be made, even if it fell upon deaf ears.


February 22 April 3, Keepcase Chapters This web site is not affiliated with the Blu-ray Disc Association. This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat Dragon Ball Super The Movie: Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Retrieved 10 July Pretty damned well, if I do say so myself. F irstly, Arrow add both versions Rabid Dogs and Kidnapped in separate P transfers shared on a lone dual-layered Blu-ray disc.

CO went Blu early in with their release of The Killer Reserved Nine Seatsbut since I wasn’t able to get my hands on a copy of that film, we’re going to be looking at their subsequent two releases.

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February 227: Blu-ray user rating Video 0. In terms of extras Camera Obscura has grabbed experts Christian Kessler and Marcus Stiglegger for a feature commentary, which I sampled, and it is quite arrabbiatl. Whatever the case, the film is forcefully engaging and wonderfully exciting. Select category Add adrabbiati category Go. Arrow – Region ‘B’ – Blu-ray January The old man relents, but another complication arises when an overly cheerful young woman Eriak Dario shows up at the station claiming that her car had broken down and that she needs assistance.

A Star Is Born 4K. The filmmaker came from the school of documentary filmmaking, but you’d never know that based upon the elements of style that drench Mariale.

A Star Is Born. Inspector Muzi suspects a group of idle young playboys. Quite cynically, Bava evokes a human society where no one is to be trusted”. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Anchor Bay ‘Rabid Dogs’ version. If Beale Street Could Talk. Blade is completely shaken by this, but understands that Doc had no other choice.