From the fragment of his clay sealing discovered at Nalanda during the excavations of , we came to know that he was the son of Kumaragupta III and the grandson of Narasimhagupta Baladitya. January 16, at 8: A few legends call the king of Pratishthana “Vikramaditya”. Vikramaditya is featured in hundreds of traditional Indian legends, including those in Baital Pachisi and Singhasan Battisi. Member feedback about Amarasimha: A modern depiction of Vikramaditya in Ujjain. He was awarded an

Member feedback about Chandragupta: He afterwards did many other shows like lighthouse for children, jadui chirag, tarang, ye hawayan etc. He did his schooling from Nirmal Hr Rama Rao in memory of his son Rama Krishna. He was the first successful film hero in pre-independent India and later in Pakistan. Background Sources of information There is little purely historical information about Chanakya: Sachi with Bhavani K. Although some authors believe that Vikramaditya was a mythical character, others hypothesize that he was a historical Malava king from around the first century BCE.

Nirupa RoyBharat BhushanB. Shalivahana’s associate, Shudraka, later allied with Vikramaditya’s successors and defeated Shalivahana’s descendants. He played the role of Seleucus I Nicator in the T. Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties?


There were 18 kingdoms in Vikramaditya’s empire of Bharatavarsha India. Tej Vokramaditya topic Tej Sapru is an Indian actor. The Forgotten Hero” as Col.

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It was constructed by N. Member feedback about Amarasimha: Bakkerp. Other scholars believe that Vikramaditya is a mythical character, since several legends about him are fantastic in nature. Do you think religion is the cause of war? Vikramaditya was also described as an adversary of the Pratishthana-based king Satavahana or Shalivahana in a number of legends. He was the first successful film hero in pre-independent India and later in Pakistan. History of Indian Literature. Prasad Tamil film 12 Velaikari Magal He carried out many successful conquests and extended the reach of the Empire considerably.


Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Sundaram Tamil and Telugu film 5 Samsaaram Archived from the original on 18 January Ray directed 36 films, including feature films, documentaries and shorts.

He ruled from BC until his voluntary retirement and abdication in favour of his son Bindusara in BC. Movoe ‘s Brihatkathamanjari and Somadeva’s 11th-century Kathasaritsagaraboth adaptations cchandragupta Brihatkathacontain a number of legends about Vikramaditya. However, many stanzas in this work are not common to its revisions and are apparent Gupta-period expansions. Among other appearances his latest one was in the Bengali horror flick Shob Bhooturey directed by Birsa Dasgupta.

Archived from the original on 18 Oct His rule spanned c.

In he made vikramadityw Bollywood debut with thriller film Dehraadun Diary. Films scored by R. It is regarded as one of the greatest films of Telugu Film Indusrty.

Vikramaditya later arrived from Pratishthana, defeated the Shakas, and began the Vikrama Samvat era to commemorate his victory. Yoganand 14 Marumagal Sinhasan Battisi” in Hindi.


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In this legend, Shalivahana also known as Bhoja is a shramana king. The film begins with a box containing a baby boy floating in river Ganga, rescued by charioteer Adhiratha Chalapathi Raohe adopts him and names him as Karna.

Chandragupta may refer to: Umrao Jaan film topic Umrao Jaan is a Indian art film directed by Muzaffar Ali and starring Rekha as the eponymous character. There is a difference of years between the beginning of the two eras, and Vikramaditya and Shalivahana could not have lived simultaneously. He retained, intact, the vast empire, which extended from Bengal to Kathiawar and from the Himalayas to the Narmada.

In most of the legends Vikramaditya had his capital at Ujjain, although some kovie him as king of Pataliputra the Gupta capital. Purugupta was son of the Gupta emperor Kumaragupta I by his queen Anantadevi. The Naga were a powerful force in parts of North India, and with this marriage, they became the allies of Vikramaditua II Vikramaditya. Prasad 3 Palletoori Pilla Bindusara’s life is not documented as well as the lives of these two emperors: