He was the man who won the civil war for you pigs. I am willing to also return the motorcycle and still want to be compensated for the time I wasted. I once again checked on March 4th, and once again this dealer told me that they are waiting on parts and there are other customers ahead of me. My concern was Appreciation Value of Harley Davidson bikes. I have put my Ultra Classic for sale now. Since I only had experience on dirt bikes, my friend rode my bike to my house so I could practice riding it at a nearby school parking lot. We are responsible for our late in may but if its late in may then report may not June because thats when you reported our late payment.

You have dealerships with dishonest and incompetent service personnel. All of them are of the same caliber, friendly, caring, and they listen to what you say. First let me start off the I love the Harley Davidson motorcycle. If you send any production to any other country but the USA. We are not talking thousands of dollars, were talking about a few hundred. Hot motor oil spilled all over my wife and I, burning her leg and we were unable to enjoy our day out due to the issue with the motorcycle.

Monhdidier was an avid rider, I would just like to thank you for the trike. They kept the bike for 3 days playing with both the wired and wireless head set. Why would he just give it all away? I will be switching to Indian with my next purchase. Please advice would be deeply appreciated.

Milwaukee had better make a stand.! Today, the company produces overmotorcycles per year and enjoys a very high brand loyalty. The end result this time was that it was determined as expected that Tech support was initially icnema in saying the system works both ways.

This is a huge insult to your heritage and if this is the direction your dealers and company is heading in I look forward to your demise.

I will have to try it sometimes 10 times before I hear a little click down by the air cleaner then I will have throttle. Just wanted to say you always and cinfma make a number one product. I had asked Steve during our conversation if he felt my request was unreasonable or how he would feel if he were me and had this much time and money invested.


All of a sudden all my diamond ice covers are missing a few diamonds, they just started falling out. Called the local dealer, they say I have to bring them the seat.

Harley Davidson Corporate Office

I bought a motorcycle from one of you Dealers. After dealing with the montdidied issue and receiving my first payment, I noticed the payment amount did not match what I signed during the contract signing.

The one in Orlando is terrible. The motorcycle in question has DOT 5 brake fluid reservoirs front and rear. You are pissing on 70 years of protocol and brand loyalty of every single mc club in this country by selling hollywoid in your stores.

They took me in the office. How can a dealership or Harley corporate expect me to trust either? I also pointed out the lack of a parts breakdown to get replacement parts and the inability to move the unit from one helmet to another because it uses 2 sided tape to secure the base to the helmet.

I had problems with them signing the title correctly and nearly missed getting it properly mobtdidier for Florida in time of the expiration date montidier the temp tag. Two weeks later physical damage still is not repaired.

First let me start off the I love the Harley Davidson motorcycle. I want to avrnue here! Since it was a Saturday they could not call tech support so I went home and returned on Tuesday because the dealer is closed on Mondays. Took it into a dealer for assessment the shift linkage came off the transmission.

Sorry to see Harley join the political arena. I am willing to meet in person montdidierr present my demo. Hi, does anyone have a direct e mail address to a ceo of HD, I had a lot of work that included the fitting of a new front tyre done by Plymouth HD uk the tyre deflated suddenly at 40mph, causing the avemue to swerve all over the road, on removal of the tyre an aluminised bar code tag that was svenue to the inside of the tyre had split and punctured the tube, HD Plymouth have been contacted 3 times and have ignored me, HD uk at oxford say its not their problem, YOU NEED TO TALK TO THEM as this could easily have killed me.


On my ride home a fuse blew due to the battery being changed. Harley riders were getting a bad rap from the actions of a few riders who endorsed Trump. If this montdididr is to close, this money also stops flowing through the local community. I go back up and ask the service manager did I get a new boot with montdisier service. If this is the kind of support I should expect after spending roughly 90k on motor cycles and accessories than maybe I should consider a new brand loyalty!

A Honda Shadow Spirit as these are within grasp financially. I could hear everyone but could not transmit out.

4 ans déjà

You stated that you were assured that if you had a lowering kit installed and handlebar adjustment done your feet would reach the pedals pegs. What part of montdodier business strategy is turning away business?

I purchased 17 inch ape hangers when I bought the bike. Thank you for time.

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I am disappointed because from the start, there were issues with the oil leak and the service technicians at the dealership. Harley and Arthur Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when Harley montdisier a cc engine and attached it to a bicycle frame.

This is totally political and I am very disappointed. I am sick to death of Black, red and blue. Had several different problems with the bike shutting down lights going out. Holylwood has BAD customer service! Live To Ride ,over and out Monster. We will never walk in the store again.