I worked a little bit with the original cast, singing together and playing piano. Transition to Bianca, on her balcony — again, the analogy to Rapunzel trapped in her tower. Having seen the show on DVD, read the original Portuguese script, translated it into English, and heard the music in my head — over and over and over again — I was convinced that Claudio and his partner, Charles, had a potential hit on their hands. But commercial and cheesy things have bigger audiences all over the planet, right? The catch to their platonic arrangement, however, was the condition set forth by von Meck herself: And since , when I first heard about the show, I have spent these past several years viewing, studying, and describing the origin and background of this fabulous musical-theater piece in several blog posts see the following link: The biggest cultural event in the city was the annual show put on by pop star Roberto Carlos, who appeared at a soccer stadium directly across from our house.

Still, it was an important benchmark in our history. He is wearing an overcoat to protect him from the elements the elements of shock and surprise, no doubt as he glimpses the couple seated together. Good as their playing was, it could not turn a so-so vehicle into a first-rate one. I must say that the flu season this winter has really hit the artistic side of things hard! With that scene fully restored with the three older actresses , the baby song becomes a trio. And, like the memorable characters of Bianca and Clara, it has come of age at last:

No problem, no delays. I had a brainstorm while listening to the Saturday afternoon Metropolitan Opera broadcast wherein I imagined the whole thing set at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, with the title character a U.

They will meet at the train station at midnight. Inspired by confabulated tales of witches and witchcraft, in traditional narrative recollections, they are transferred to a Rio of the imagination where snowflakes begin to fall. Now we know who Amelia is, but who is Clara? Paula Sandroni, Tina Salles Sets: Nevertheless, back in Aprila few short months before our family immigrated to America — with the first whiff of spring already in the Northeastern air — a reverse voyage was taking place in Los Angeles.


But what is it about the opera in particular that attracts people so?

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An actor, translator and bilingual bon vivant, Botelho, arguari, is a confessed Broadway addict. Finale to Act 1 of 7 — The Musical arteview.

At this day and age, after deconstructivism, iconoclasty… genius? Clara hurriedly exists from the room. Would you care to elaborate on what led to that encounter? The dialogue is the work of Douglas Carter Beane.

The seven young men are there, surrounding and protecting her much as the seven dwarfs would do. Musical theater is cinnema a craft made for twos and threes.

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He lived a long and fruitful life, both inside and outside his chosen field. Old Stepmother smiles expectantly, but he passes right by her, as if she were never there, a shadow of her former self. Hunter with a horn Rider on his horse Who will then invade my bastion? I miss her very much. There are only six musicians in the orchestra pit, who play piano, violin, cello, drums, alto sax and bass. I have no complaints, except for financial ones. How has this early background in art and design bolstered your work on the stage?

He then casually saunters off. That prank, such as it was, involved the good doctor teagro forced to parade around town in an unflattering bat costume — hence the eponymous heading of the work.

Xica da Silva and the cult classic Bye Bye, Brasil Shifting rapidly to the next scene, Clara and Old Stepmother argue whether Prince Charming had arrived in time to rouse Snow White from her poisoned slumber. On this day after Christmas, what better way to celebrate the holidays than with a song on your lips!


But not in the way she had hoped. They have been duped by their own mad obsessions into forgetting the past. Clara counters that Old Stepmother hates it when Snow White gets kissed and awakens to live happily ever after.

Chico Buarque quickly became my idol. Carmen pays her a friendly visit. The young Maria do Teatroo Miranda da Cunha, ca. We may never know.

Speaking of talent, who was the person or persons whose views influenced you the most as a youth? Ah, yes, those marvelous songs. If before the team had bent itself backwards [to do justice to] the grand masters of musical theater, this time it has started from scratch: We segue directly to the most sensuous, indeed the most dreamlike passage in the entire musical: That was the only story line.

A quick perusal of the latest headlines from the local newspapers, however, revealed that the financial resources of the federal government had been stretched to the legal limit; that the then-current combination of high unemployment, low growth rates, and economic stagnation had dealt a severe blow to the initial optimism surrounding funding for the arts, especially with regard to the opera.

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Alvaro moves closer to the pair. Through the medium of my music I hope to make many new cniema and change opinions regarding racial equality. Barely eight or nine minutes of footage have elapsed, yet spectators have already been clued in to the fact that everything about this scoundrel has been relayed to us without his having spoken a word of dialogue.