It boasts of the same durability and audio prowess that Logitech usually carries. The audio performed very well in technical tests too with a consistent audio response. The latter obviously gives better surround, any other difference depends on the speakers themselves. The Logitech X surround sound system can double as gaming speakers on a budget. The DSE involves using a port tube in a tight enclosure to avoid reverberations. The volume range is plenty wide. Here is a terrific option for 2.

Unless you plan on using your computer to really fill a large area with sound, this is less important than it might immediately seem, as most PC speakers offer enough wattage and decibels for an office or home setup. They have the attitude and the audio for this purpose. It can be invoked via a button in the front of the control box. Wireless computer speakers are typically designed to function at a distance from a computer with a receiver of some kind, such as an internal Bluetooth component or a dongle. Like it or not, you can’t beat the sound quality. It also carries the mic input.

The subwoofer made for a full and rich audio without the usual boominess. Installing them on wall clears away the room to tastefully arrange your gaming gear. Apart from the occasional clumping of notes in the bass, it is definitely worth the price. The front of the control box has the master volume and the bass and treble volume knobs.

So it can be attached right on top of your monitor. Both the satellites connect to the subwoofer unit. The subwoofer looks great, but since you’ll probably have it under your desk, making it a bit pointless for most setups. It sounds great, looks nice, and has a solid design which includes a remote control and wired audio control pod.

The wires from the speakers are hardwired so the system is doomed if the wires get damaged. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. These speakers have also been designed to look good and last a long time with sturdy metal stands to keep them stable, rubberized padding to protect the speakers and drivers, as well as LED lighting on some of these picks for extra visual flair.


Logitech Z vs Corsair SP – Which One Better than the Other?

Laptop speakers, however, are usually designed to be fairly small and easy to use wherever someone might want to have a laptop set up. I want to feel like it actually blew up infront of me so immersion is what im talking about mostly.

They are lightweight and portable. This is a great setup for anyone looking to build a system over time, thanks to its modular design.

Best PC Speakers

The time now is So, as it turns out, the idea of low-cost ‘high-end’ speaker sets turns out not to be much of a contradiction at all, and if xorsair 5. Logitech Z gaming speaker is a full-set 5. Audioengine is best for high quality products with amazing sound in their price point. So, setting up the whole deal was pretty convenient.

In general, however, look at how well the speakers work with a computer and keep other functions as largely secondary considerations. My Current Build Click. If the wires go down, the system goes down with them. Gee Deezy If you don’t mind old-fashioned 2. Heres my room and the spots i considered putting 5.

Logitech Z-906

Wired or wireless are your two options when it comes to PC speaker connectivity. The inputs and output ports are all located on the subwoofer, although unusually it doesn’t have HDMI, which could lead to problems if you use an external Blu-ray player.

You also get a wired control here to easily adjust volume while you use your computer. The subwoofer is the hub of all connections. But they settled well into our arrangement. Vocals and acoustics are constructed with intricate details that prevail over the bass of explosions. They are semi-hardwired because of the power cord. It is built to tactile advantage.


The accessories are a big plus at their price. But it never gets boomy and the bass has plenty of punch. X has a balanced and immersive soundstage that gives away a lot of positional cues. But we are willing to overlook it.

The treble is never distracting with harshness or sibilance. Each speaker has a driver and a tweeter combination. With over 1, watts of peak power, these THX certified speakers are great sounding, even at high volumes.

Their sound quality is great, though they are not quite as powerful as some other models on the market. I would say check out Tiny Tom Logans review of the speakers here: They are crisp and play without any sibilance.

The ported sub has a 5-inch driver and it directs music downwards. You can purchase the main speaker, start using it, and Creative offers additional units logitecy you can buy later to add to logjtech setup. The Corsair SP is designed to be a gaming speaker system and will work best with a computer.

Corsair does demand a high price for this beauty. But the bass response of Klipsch is, by no mean, lacking.