At the wedding, Anmol pretends that has lost all his property and asks Shivani, disguised as Ragini in the veil, to support him financially. Leo Popular Search Terms: Sadhana hopes for her dream not to come true. Retrieved 29 January Notify user via Email. Upon confronting Anmol now, Shivani tells him she loves him. Ragini realizes that Shivani never loved Anmol. Shivani sees Anmol upset and pretends to be close to him in front of Ragini.

Ragini, Vineet and Ranvir are on the way to the hospital. Retrieved 10 April Everyone happily carries out the rituals. Sakshi promises to Sadhna that although she cannot replace her in Alekh and Khushi’s lives, she will always keep them happy and bring Khushi up to be just like Sadhna. Ragini and Anmol learn dancing. After Sadhna’s death, a heart broken Ragini vows to her father, Prakashchandji to take care of Khushi, Sadhna’s daughter, as her own daughter and she keeps her promise till date.

Retrieved 9 December Vineet insists on accompanying Alekh to handover the ransom money.

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Sakshi tries to defend the children from Tarun. Sakshi is excited when Alekh gifts her baby pictures. Privacy Public Private Choose whether to fericifii your playlist public or private.

Sadhana is shocked to see Vasu gifting her and Ragini exactly the same clothes and jewellery as she had in her dream. Alekh is shocked to see her bleeding profusely. A major critical and commercial feriirii, the movie became the year’s top-grossing production in India.

But he starts ignoring Sadhana and she begins to feel a little insecure. Malti talks to Ragini about the dance competition.


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Khushi and Tamanna Tammy are two adorable seven year old girls, one again fair-skinned Khushi and another dark Tamanna. Live in Malaysia concert. Sara married actor Ali Merchant after three years of dating, on November 10, inside the Bigg Boss house.

On the other hand, Alekh calls Shlok in London, and requests him to come to Agra to cure his mental health.

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He made his film debut in Deewana He returned to another concert there the following year with Shahrukh—Karisma: Shivani gets frustrated waiting for Anmol at the restaurant. Retrieved 5 August Since Septemberthe show is aired on an Afghan television channel called Ariana TV, where the drama is translated into Dari Persian.

Notify user via Email. Time we talk about sanitation”. Often referred to as “the King of Bollywood”, Khan has acted in over 70 Hindi films.

Sweet smile of success”. Retrieved Dec 27, Filming commenced in December in Los Angeles and ended in October Sakshi also wants her unborn child to be given Alekh’s name so she tries unsuccessfully to sleep in his room.

Both the families are in grief while performing Sadhana’s final bidaai. Va rugam sa ne contactati prin email pe adresa office sunphoto. The film, which dealt with reincarnation, became the second-highest grossing film of the year. During a pooja for the last fast, Sadhna dies in a terrorist bombing of the mandir where she went with Alekh. Vasu and Kaushi take episodjl of Ragini’s emotional weakness at this point in time with Ranvir in jail and misguide her into thinking Sadhna was always jealous of Ragini which is why she’s stealing all her happiness.


Retrieved 16 December Tamanna and Khushi request Anmol and Ragini to participate in the dance competition, but Ragini refuses to do episods. Ep Sharma’s family members are surprised with Ragini’s visit. Sadhna marries Alekh who is mentally unstable on two conditions: Sadhana again gets caught in a bomb blast when she tries to save a little girl.

Also, after seeing how much Anmol loves the family, Vasu accepts him as his son. The grand prize amount of 2 crore rupees approx.

Heartbroken, Anmol agrees for Ragini’s happiness, and leaves Rajvansh’s house forever. External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to: He thanks the audience for sharing a smile through their happy times, and crying with them in their sorrows. Another book by Anupama Chopra, King of Bollywood: Ragini gives birth to a healthy girl.

She wishes to see Anmol happy. Anmol is furious at Shivani and declares that he loves Ragini. Retrieved 29 January Sharma is shocked Sharma and Kaushalya are tense to hear that Ragini is in a critical condition. Retrieved 10 September Anmol informs Shivani about his loss. Retrieved 20 April Retrieved 2 March