I had such a great time finding fun things to do with the old age thing. Start your free trial. Dodgers, Cadet, and Rikki Roundhouse must free a planet from a rogue Maninsuit. Dodgers and Cadet must deliver a Diva to a festival, but run into problems while doing so. It looks like I missed a good episode here. Duck Dodgers goes to Hollywood planet so a film about him could be made, but doesn’t realize what’s really going on. Not really sure why, but OK Bubblegum Girl Magic User Wannabe.

Getting specific now, — Bob Bergen said:. Dodgers and Cadet must deliver a Diva to a festival, but run into problems while doing so. Duck Dodgers – 4: X-2 tries to make Duck Dodgers a successful quarterback to prove to Tyr’ahnee that he was right about something. I hope this show lasts a long time. This is a list of episodes from the Duck Dodgers cartoon series. I now consider the first episode to have been just a fluke.

He just kept getting cuter! Highlights included the Peace Treaty Meetings espically “I think that goat carcas I threw at them call them down” Dodgers using Chinese Fortune cookies to give peaceful advice and Osmo giving advice about how war is a corgers thing to Dodgers and Cadet retreiving Osmo, the Martian Commander taking him, Martian Commander and Cadet working together to retrieve Osmo, and other various gags.

Sketch not like those other old guys.

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I absolutely love this show. A total of 39 episodes were produced spanning 3 seasons.

Roboto returns for revenge as he assembles all of Dodgers’ enemies together. I now consider the first episode to have been just a fluke. Dodgers and the Cadet learn kung-fu in order to stop a master thief. Yes, it sure was dodhers of him.

Dodgers characterizes him with the perfect mix of selfishness and cluelessness. Highlights of “Duck Codgers” included Cadet’s flashback, some of the old gags, and the ending. Dodgers attempts to get a free rocketcycle by starting a biker gang. But speaking of acting class, let’s hear what an actual teacher has to say!! Dodgers steals Tom Jones ‘ voice in order to win a talent show.


Tom Minton Story by: Hearing about this episode and seeing the preview for it made me think that this would be one of the worse DD segments, but it turned out to be one of the best. The “flower spraying pollen and reeking havok as a result” is a spoof of an original series “Star Trek” episode where a similar incident happened to Spock only it made him go loopy As for the second one, Nice to see that cadet and marvin both have some strong paternal instincts.

Between this episode and last week’s, Porky really seems to be excelling at kicking bad-guy butt Audible Download Audio Books. Daffy Duck as Duck Dodgers: It’s Actingffg, and I’m not just being flip. Hi, and the Queen of Mars reminisce of whether Dodgers isn’t as dumb as he seems. Out of 5 stars, I give it 4. If ya look at previous threads I touch upon the challenge of putting classic characters in new and never before attempted situations.

Add the first question. They were both suberb! Duck Dodgers – 4: For once, the Cadet agrees with the Captain!! Bob goes on to say: This show is codges. Dogers and Cadet turning into old ducck Marvin turing into a baby Osmo saying that war’s the best way of making peace. Meanwhile, the camera crew interviews various enemies and friends about Dodgers in-between.

Duck Dodgers – Duck Codgers

Between his later cartoons where he was more cranky than daffy, and those absolutely abysmal Speedy cartoons, I thought the character was all but ruined. Dodgers, Cadet, and Rikki Roundhouse must free a planet from a rogue Maninsuit. You must log in or register to reply here. Earth resurrects the thrash metal band Megadeth to prevent a Martian superweapon from replacing eposode planet’s music with easy-listening jazz.


Duck Dodgers Season 1 Episode 4 Duck Codgers / Where’s Baby Smarty Pants

Meanwhile, one of the Martian Generals, Z-9, takes the opportunity to plot a military coup on Mars by betraying Queen Tyran’hee and holding her hostage, sending Star Johnson to prison after the latter learns about the plot, and forcing Commander X-2 on the run as a wanted criminal.

Dodgers gets a robot assistant a parody of The Iron Giant.

Retrieved from ” https: He’s not really fowl-tempered HA! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. But Joe and I pretty much had to establish old age for Cadet and Dodgers because we had nothing to refer to. Hangin’ out with my new puppy Goofy to watch the Oscars. Determining to set things right, Dodgers rescues X-2 from Z-9’s forces and breaks Star Johnson and Cadet out of prison to help them rescue the Queen and stop Z-9 in his tracks, despite Cadet’s cold attitude toward Dodgers after what he did to him.

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From what I remember from the recording session, this was one of those days where we really took the time to find character traits that would not only work while keepig as much of the personalities in tact but also establish an “old” voice that while playing along with the whole age thing would keep the integrity of the characters. Hi creates epsode device that detoxifies Dodgers a little too well.

The Martians steal Dodgers’ brain and replace it in order to learn his secrets, but the replacement accidentally makes Dodgers smarter than he used to be.