Whenevr time comes to push the gas pedal, either Sanaya or Barun has some commitment or the other. Dia, eagerly waiting for your edit. I could be wrong but watching SBB I had a feeling that while shouting at her, he stops cos he sees someone OR he could have just forgotten the lines, dunno. Intensity of the story back hope I am not too earlier to tick this off 2. Spoiler pics for promo, it so seems!! She reaches out to touch him gently on the shoulder. BTW – my favourite scene and what i found most interesting: I can also see her fear of arnav trying to kill her because he wants to marry La however silly it might have been shown

Mona May 7, at 7: I am still annoyed with Barun for his movie thing, now especially with the timing And she teeters and sways again, he reaches out frantically, she recovers, stops him with a gesture, and looks back at the faraway ground D but two stood out – the brightest star, his star and jumping into darkness and falling into heaven my pov was purely physics – yours purely poetry! After a Very long time I feel like writing about the eppy and not just normal list of what went wrong and how xyz could have been better Rekha May 8, at

Shwets I really hope that for him, I know its difficult to do both, hence most of the others have stalled till the show ends or quit the show. We wanted a Time Out for both of them.

Sweety is upset

The kidnapping may be another opportunity for reinforcing the MU. And she does not know he knows about the terrace. So yep virtual CCD!! And paid attention to his run and came to the conclusion like you said, Barun can Run Saala: Epislde can’t dance saala I think she owed a lot more to them than that.

Buaji offers her considered opinion in one succinct gesture “Insane! What the hell were you doing there Diwali, the almost kiss, when he almost lost control, lost in her I remember you posted this song earlier – I felt then too that it was very apt.


And he could have shot all the scenes in the same hotel room aka One of the room at RM in different outfits thinking about her. Anything less will just fall on back to crappy comedy!! But I wish they would put in fb’s of his smiles and laughs with her when he does realise how much he loves her I am still annoyed with Barun for his movie thing, now especially with the timing I posted this earlier but I have to repost Loved how he comes running and the moment she says don’t come any further he raises his hands I didn’t know how else to put it shortly sorry,lol.

I’m leaving these for you. I am not sure it is a lead, it has to be a strong supporting role cos if he was the lead, how could he shot for both simultaneously.

Any other show and we’d have long disappeared Hayyeeeee for the unsaid glad cvs kept suicide track comedy except the horrible BG score combo given that IPK has huge adolescent fans. Loved the FBs, It was CVs way of reminding us, see this is what we are capable of, you stuck with us for so long, be a little bit more patient.

Aaru, Dia- Yeah from Shalimar- Hum bewafa- beautiful song, with all that tribal singing in bg. A last look at her beloved.

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Geetu and Shwetha – i think he was just to damned scared of her falling that he was not thinking of anything but getting her safely off the ledge – once she was in his arms – for a few seconds it was as if he was so relieved that he could not let her go – once he knows she is safe – then his anger flares up!

Loved how he softened and forgot his anger a bro and asked as a hurt lover,”Mujhe explain karna zaroori nahi samjha? I can watch n number of times the scene where Shah Rukhj has Madhuri’s bangle in his hand and says,”Aur paas Aarthi Ramani May 8, at 6: A pen name is fine: I remember SGP, the lead actor did anchoring for a music show while SGP was on, and Ragini took part in a dance show – they had such a huge cast that they could easily manage!


Where I did feel Barun faltered in expressions is when Arnav finally realizes WHAT exactly Khushi is doing up on the ledge, and that she plans to jump Aur Taare Jaante Hain Sabhi Even some of the terrace shots, when they moved between her face and Arnav’s, I felt they had shot separately So fingers crossed we should get dpisode angry fighting Khushi Shewts I was waiting for Gargi to comment on that!! I dunno honestly if I would have noticed his run if someone at Redux hadn’t mentioned it,so Ehm,bh paid attention today,lol.

D – ODG was brilliant today yes Dia, as always: I can do it myself The fb’s alternate between hers and his – if you see, all hers are rescue, all his are attraction or the emergence of Arnav Its possible that the actual confrontation scenes were canned after a short drive in the car.

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Anonymous May 8, at 1: D just hope the following episodes are as good! And she looks over the edge again, and then looks back for one last look, as though imprinting his face in her mind, as though she wants that to be the last thing she sees We wanted a Separation Track for both of them.

Arnav busy with file and subconsciously noticing something is missing. Dia May 7, at 6: Whenevr time comes to push the gas pedal, either Sanaya or Barun has some commitment or the other.

So elisode course he opens it immediately Nothing but good wishes for him.

Rekha May 7, at 7: