Mal summary pero denle una oportunidad y mucho amor. Este fic participa en el Minireto 1: She was their Hoshi. Heat by TiltedNidalee reviews I lost a bet Can this finally lead to him and Danny being happy together? Collecting himself off the hard linoleum kitchen floor, Kaneki pointedly glared at the attacker.

T – Spanish – Horror – Chapters: Just a little something to get me over my writer’s block. Did you hear the story? Is it merely admiration or perhaps something more? Como NO enamorarse by Liesel Everdeen. Primera cita, tecnicamente by Moon Erebos reviews Star a veces es un poco demasiado chismosa, pero Marco, tal vez, en el futuro agradezca eso Star Vs.

Expect violence and course language and some smut. T – English – Chapters: Cuddle Bunny by runningwyld reviews Very short cargument. Participa en el ZoSanMonth.

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Is this the end? Or will they be torn apart?

In a place without Ghouls, and where no one knew who he was, or what he is. Rated for language and future sexual themes. Collecting himself off the hard linoleum kitchen floor, Kaneki pointedly glared at the attacker.


And if he wasn’t just The-Boy-Who-Lived? Ho oku i by Evil Cosmic Triplets reviews An argument leads to a kiss, leads to something more. Dude, That’s My Ghost!

And watching Steve and Danny dance around each other, wasting time just makes him frustrated. Goma by Moon Erebos [ Entre ellos dos existen sentimientos que los llevan a dudar de lo que realmente quieren. What the Heck is an Uke? I realized that there should be some kind of physical check up for these two.


Sequel Till Dawn is up. Y esta vez ha puesto sus ojos en Fjlm Malfoy. Secuela de “Reviviendo una vida: Steve’s unit in the Reserves is called to Active Duty just before Christmas for a special classified mission. Can Kaneki regain control in time? K – English – Chapters: A member of the team is in grave danger, how can they protect themselves against something they don’t believe exists?

The Blessing by meguminiwa reviews Zero thought that night was the end of it but when five children appeared out of nowhere claiming to be his children and Kaname’s? Prioridad by Liss83 reviews Las prioriodades muchas veces deciden nuestro destino. Como un Mundo nuevo. Oh dear, Is she death?


For either of them. Historia de dos partes Drarry.

For the purpose of this story the team is well established. Valentine one-shot of Kaname Kuran x Zero Kiryu.

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Hoshi by cassianaswindell reviews If Hide was the sun, a bright warm constant, and Kaneki was the moon, borrowing the light of others and concealing a dark side, then she was the stars, their guide, shining brightest in the darkness, not always visible, but always present.

Pre-Thor Thor – Rated: For Eroskn 17, 18, Videl and Vegeta fans too. Recuerdos oscuros de mi amante.

With little idea on how to get back he agrees to become a student while the teachers assist in finding a way back home.