He seems frustrated and a bit manic in this scene…perhaps he has indeed lost his raasta?.. SZ this was fun review.. I left it and waited for the more to come.. It may not be curable but it needs to be addressed with some therapy sessions.. Aapa bi is a woman of wisdom.. I really hope the todays ep is worth it! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Ayesha RJ read ur discussion on Shouki which was very interesting. Abnormality hamesha koi pagal pan, ya bewakofon k saath nhi hota.. Again he tries to repeat his mistake, behaving with pari not like a lover, but an admirer, like her slave and she, a Queenn.. At one point my sound went off and it seemed like our Umrao jaan was actually doing a mujra..!!!?? Gul-e-mina, haha yaar honestly i missed the name.. It may not be curable but it needs to be addressed with some therapy sessions..

Im sounding like such an expert in this field lol. That was clear before us, k pari apni maa ko yaad kar k kabhi nhi royi. But I agree with u for all these points. After that one time, did Azam take Pari to the doctors again? I left it and waited for the more to come.

Sannata ~ Episode 14 Review – Desi Rants N Raves

The more I analyse her, The more I love her.!! Ur warm welcome any time my dear.

They both have seriously zero chemistry, it seemed so robotic. Keep on visiting as much as u can. It was a very interesting discussion on Rs character. And then we saw the two brides. I so wish that they had edited out that first scene, or done it differently so as to maintain the shock value of the final scene.


Infact if one were to look beyond the obvious Ruqqaiya gained more than she gave in this relationship. That one sequence, starting with Shauki at the dargah going to the flashback and returning back to Shauki at the dargahwas the one wow worthy moment in an otherwise ho hum episode.

Gree with U totally, that Maher-bano, shauki and Tayaa, they all are at the peak. Thats why sometimes we see a more mature P who believes she is R.

Urdu Poetry : (Bal-e-Jibril) Zamana – Time (بال-ی-جبریل-١٤٣) زمانہ – ٹائم

He has already vowed to kill her if she tried to run again. He got everything on a plate.

The so-called romantic moment between Ruqqaiya and Azam was one of the unemotional scenes ever, Saba and Danish have zero chemistry as a pair. I agree this episode was the weakest so far. SQ was not very impressive in this episode and DT was screaming a bit.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ruqayya, jb pari uski zindage me ayi, ik baachi the, magar uski feelings, usk ehsasaat uski needs ik bachi wlai nhi rahin the.


I felt it was more self-pity on her part here. Notify me of qkhir posts via email. We saw quite a few jhalaks of those in the latest episode too. N I must say that after having ur views, this is an addition to our discussion and theories.!!

Sannata ~ Episode 14 Review

I think u beat Pari to it when it comes to loving R!! How often have we read all this? You are commenting using your WordPress. I too love the Haveli and miss it. So, the remaining part of Shouki.

From Apa Bi to Naseeban to Salma, all tried to help her as best as they could. Hope he pulls his socks up and start merra like a man waise i found it really strange ke all of a sudden hes calling R tum and vice versa. Ohkk tou ab jo main kkehna chahti hon. Meri khushi ko kisi ki nazer lag gayee…. But now m relax k duniya me ap jesy achy log bhi hain who know how to give n take respect. Pari is oasoor, she needs meds not lectures about improving her harkatein.