As to Bang-gwa and their father, the king, I recently rewatched episode 1 and to see the hero worship Bang Won had for his big brother and father I don’t think the Shin clan had much power because they were easier to control than the Kangs. That subtle yet strong transition in Bang Won’s face, from anger to sad to lunatic pathetic smile Download the latest version here. I was so shocked at the way they showed violence on TV with all the blood spurts and head smashing. He hit the floor so hard that he broke his head in the process and continued on the scene even though the blood is crazy gushing out. Because if I die… my suffering would also end. Don’t feel sorry for him one bit either.

When did they have the wedding before that random bed scene???? Shin-jeok follows and finds him gravely wounded, and Officer Nam charges him with continuing the legacy Jung Do-jeon created with Hidden Root. Did the director and writer forgot about this? He died 4 yrs later after the 2nd strife. And now I noticed Ha Ryun addressing Bang-won as Daegun-mama in the later part of the episode, which means now Bang-won is a brother of the current king. Has Bang Won ever been portrayed this way before? He even mentions Bang-ji, in the hopes that his brother would pass on the message that he is not to throw his life away for him. He was supposed to hit the fake stone floor, but he was too excited he hit the real one instead, and his forehead got injured.

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You have already reported this download. With all that power and nothing to show for. Several functions may not work. I thought that was the only thing the staff would copy from that drama. He obviously did horrible things and I’m not saying that he can justify his deeds.


Even after all the crying I did, I burst out laughing when I saw Ha-ryun’s reaction. What do I say to this episode? I came to realise that this drama is not just about the creation of Joseon, but the following:.

But bring it on! So far from history.

I don’t want myo sang or master hong or anyone dear to moohyul die. On the other hand he ruled effectively because he was able to suppressed those pesky ministers in his court.

He just wanted to have SN because WY wanted her, and he only looks at her like she is a piece of meet episodf have his hands on her, kissing her while she wasn’t aware and when she was aware he would try to force himself on her. In the first episode where the General beheaded the spy in front of the young Bang Won, that was taken from the first episode of GoT.

Your name is Lets be honest. Because things didn’t go their ways they are complaining in every single forums.

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JDJ and BW – the two brilliant geniuses who unfortunately couldn’t use their brilliant minds to work together. Some of this was done while his father was still alive. Writers make this the ending.

Up, Up and Away! If episode 48 gets delayed then maybe the writers will think of the depressive state of the nation and change all that unnecesserary angst into some fluffly light-hearted romance. He says it in such a way that even Shin-jeok doubts whether he knows his true identity, and methinks Bang-won does.


He’s lonely and I feel for him! I also love how deftly this drama lets us as viewers feel without restraint. I saw a video of Sa Gwang fighting Bang Ji for the final 2 episodes.

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I don’t think Tal Tal has romantic feelings for SN. Is there only one cliff in Joseon? Lady Kang Queen Shindeok Bang-seok’s mother came from a very powerful family.

I have never seen a weak, stupid, obsessed I can foresee that, then BA will get mad I guess and try to use military forces to get a rid of her.

Mepress we know eoisode Tahwan isn’t just like that because of WY in the coronation scene but also because of that. How cool would it be if Bang-Ji and Sa-Kwang ended up tag-teaming in a fight? Looks like our girl is confused and not yet ready to settle.

I am one happy viewer as a result. Without Young-kyu’s support in his life, he’s practically left with only Moo-hyul and he’s not gonna risk losing him too at this moment.

WangYu-Nyang-Star, I would say they’re one sad tragic family fate.