She prayed through all of her contractions. Then they go souvenir shopping for some reason. She looks in a good shape! They arrive late at the airport and Turd makes very pregnant Anna do most of the double stroller pushing and carrying the kids while he totes one backpack. You’re gonna need it! Brenda H June 17, at Ginger Clark June 16, at 9:

Sections of this page. Was Mckenzie wearing pants while they were in D. Amy June 18, at Jessica June 16, at Congratulations again for the baby! They make an incredible parenting team and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them. Anna, 33 weeks pregnant at the time, has not experienced any complications and has been approved to fly east. Anonymous June 17, at

Thanks Lily and Ellie for the updates! At home Anna gets unemployed Josh to take the kids to the thrift store for shoes. See more of Duggar Family News: I don’t have to remember to pack the diaper bag and get all the supplies together because Anna and Josh do that and they do such a good job.

Lily and Ellie June 21, at I’m betting the store didn’t like king douche taking that car off a high shelf and allowing his son to drive it around just to make Turd’s shopping easier. Send it to her and it could appear in an upcoming post! Michelle looks like a deer in the headlights.

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Never trust a Duggar. June 18, at 2: Congratulations again for the baby!


My review of “GrandDuggar Makes 3! Anonymous June 19, at 9: Turd throws Markie over the couch to J. Then the bigger germ wagon arrives, the aunts and uncles!

GrandDuggar Makes 3!

But seeing as Jana and Jill helped with the delivery, wonder why they didnt choose the birthing centre Jill and Jana work at? Anon, I don’t know of any free online midwifery courses that exist, but if you’re serious about getting epiwode birthwork, I would recommend starting with a doula training at my midwifery school, a doula trainig is required as a pre-rec before applying to the program.

Thanks for leaving your comments! Anonymous Hi Anonymous, Have you tried iTunes?

numbwr Anon june 17 Hi ladies, Do you know if the episode is going to be available for sale on iTunes? Anonymous June 17, at 4: Anna did amazing; she’s just incredible. I can’t believe Michelle didn’t bring a big buddy along to help with the kids. Do josh and Anna let her wear pants?

18 Kids and Counting: First GrandDuggar 3/6 – Dailymotion Video

Lily and Ellie June 17, at 1: We have all the fun and the joy without all of the responsibilities. Anonymous June 19, at 4: They’re using the scriptures as their guide through this whole parenting thing and it’s the epsode owner’s manual for life that we used.

Anna and Josh had planned to deliver the baby in a Fort Smith, Arkansas birthing center with a midwife, grsndduggar we headed right out. We answer as many of your questions as we can, but due to the number of comments we receive daily, we are unable to answer every one. I didn’t get to watch tonight’s program.


ITunes and amazon won’t make it available to Us in Australia either: Anonymous Hi Anonymous, Last night’s episode was just a special, not the start of a new season.

And I must say, Michelle looks to have loosed weight, is it me? Turd does grndduggar by house shopping with wife and kids. I have a season pass on Amazon for 19 kids and counting because we don’t have cable. She’s feeling good at 25 weeks and Mikey looks smashing in a pink bow.

18 Kids and Counting – First GrandDuggar! (1 of 6) – video dailymotion

Welcome to the world Marcus! Amazon inadvertently put this episode under 18 kids and counting and until I came here I didn’t know it was downloaded thanks! With each day he spends alone with Mackynzie and Michael, his appreciation for Anna grows. They are going to be moving there so do you really need souvenirs???

Anna def is gonna have her hands jumber in DC!