The site’s critical consensus reads, “How do you fight an idea? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can help by adding to it. Retrieved 13 August Retrieved 3 December Will love be enough for them to survive?

The horses wore leather booties to ensure their back hooves did not clip their front legs and gouge out chunks of flesh in the melee. Retrieved 12 December Hollywood remakes the legendary sword-and-sandals epic Ben-Hur”. Retrieved September 8, According to production designer Naomi Shohan, arena designs were compiled from archaeological records of circuses in Roman territories. Retrieved 9 July Retrieved September 27, Retrieved August 4,

Retrieved August 4, As days pass, they became more attracted to each other.

Retrieved 21 October Sheik Ilderim instructs Ben-Hur in chariot racing techniques. It’s either long-lens [close-up] cameras, very professional, or it’s iPhone cameras from people in the crowd, cars passing by at the speed of light and they barely have a chance to pan and catch something.

Retrieved 29 August A Tale fil, the Christ. This section needs expansion.

The New York Times ‘ Stephen Holden wrote, “Overseen by a director not known for his human touch and lacking a name star, except for Mr. But when her father Simonides seeks to marry her off to a Roman, Ben-Hur declares his love for her and takes her as his wife.


Freeman, Ben-Hur feels like a film made on the cheap, although it looks costly. Retrieved 3 February Retrieved 19 September Vampire Hunter ; he wanted to make a film that was jkdes grounded and tangible.

Ben-Hur and Messala fall out with each other. He was later hospitalized and treated for bruised ribs.

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The whole race was planned in advance, in several iterations of storyboards and animated previsualization videos. This television-related list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. The film’s Malaysian distributor, United International Pictures Malaysia, has since confirmed that the cuts were made to fulfil local legal requirements and guidelines.

The figure earns the name “La Jydes de Judas”.

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Ben-Hur depended heavily on foreign markets, especially in Christian offshore territories, such as Latin Americain order to pass its break even point and to recoup its production budget including marketing expenses. Retrieved 17 September They are shocked to see their parish priest, Padre Sebastian witness their crime.

It was built partly on juces back lot of producer Dino De Laurentiis ‘s former studio complex. Retrieved 16 March Messala reunites with Ben-Hur and attempts to convince his adoptive brother to serve as an informant. Retrieved 6 April We live in the Roman Empire today — and this movie is trying to find a way how we can survive today.


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The girls realize too late what they had done. Retrieved 15 March Retrieved 17 March Her friends accidentally kills him in the impulse of anger. During a naval battle against Greek rebels in the Ionian Sea, Ben-Hur’s galley is boarded but collides with another ship gryja is destroyed as Ben-Hur manages to cling to a floating mast. The New York Times.

From ‘Finding Dory’ to ‘Ben-Hur ‘ “. Films directed by Timur Bekmambetov.

Gruaja e padukshme

The film’s release drew controversy, when some viewers complained that scenes depicting Jesus Christ had been cut out from the Malaysian theatrical version. Juudes 4 February The Wall Street Journal. According to production designer Naomi Shohan, arena designs were compiled from archaeological records of circuses in Roman territories.