I felt otherwise about SH which I expressed at the time and my feelings about SH were the ones you just wrote They still are. At the inn, Seo-hwa admits to Jo Gwan-woong that the maps were stolen, and asks for his help in recovering them. They consistently frequent her, some needing her to satisfy their last wishes, others simply frightening her. Mary Poppins must have had a lot of things in her bag, I guess? D I totally agree. KC despite is the lead of the drama, he actually have a very sorrow life throughout the 24 episodes of the drama I would say. I wish the writer-nims would have killed off these siblings. I’m late with my blog again..

I really love your site. If I had a patron saint it would be St. I was just curious about those. Be strong Kang Chi ya. The writer really give all of us a big surprise on how it twisted the ending. I’m watching the drama slightly differently, i guess. Hello tearfulheart, and thank you for your response!

Kim So Yun Supporting Cast. Poor guy, finding out about his lineage and what happened to his family has not been a walk in the park. I’m shallow that way. Kang Chi is an outspoken character who’s full of curiosity. Wol ryung says that only Kang chi can kill him, but I keep thinking that only Kang chi can save his life, meaning, keep him from becoming a full demon. I mean it would be stupid if just she again didn’t hear Kangchi while he was fighting with ninjas and literary kicked their asses.

And I will admit the scene with kang chi and wol ryung had me tearing up. I don’t predict a happily ever after for him and SH, but maybe they can both die in peace together. There are so many WHYs.


Kangchi, the Beginning

Kang-chi watches them with a long face, and when he turns around, he runs right into Gon doing the same thing. What will the mom do? Sometimes, when a scripture prescribes some definite method of attaining something, it also gives an alternative method or even a bunch of them for that.

He opens his eyes….

It is CJ herself, TS her brother, and people in that time n world who keep saying familg she can’t no longer be with KC since she has become a gisaeng. It is really a surprise that what has KC gone through during the years to transform him bpok a nothing 20 year-old half gumiho boy in Joseon era to a years old gumiho in era and he seems to have become a very successful man, or to be exact a very rich and good looking bachelor.

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I pay attention to Gumiho Daddy because he is hot and they could go somewhere intresting with this but I dont trust them And yes, Gumiho daddy just totally plot! Cast – Kangchi, the Beginning.

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Lee Do Kyung Supporting Cast. KC is shocked and overwhelmed to learn what he learns. Yeo-wool isn’t really gonna obok, is she? Kang-chi asks why, and Master Dam says he lost fifteen of his men to Wol-ryung, and in the end he attacked Seo-hwa. Or maybe she didn’t fool the maidservant, who looked remorseful when she got to the gisaeng eepdrama and was about to usher KC in.


She still seems to think Kangchi would still come running to her over YW if she called, as if she’s letting YW “borrow” him but when she wants him back she can get him anytime.

He warns her that threatening him is a bad idea, and she just says the same to him. However, you may be right about what is the “Gu Family Book.

I am very very sad. I don’t even want him to die.

I saw that you commented earlier, and I appreciate that. Mar 16, at 9: The emotions n feeling really touches my deepest inside.

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Jun 25, at 9: At this point, with so many fans riding on the Wol Ryung bandwagon, I think the writers would risk chaos if they didn’t at the very least give him some kind of redemption. Respect the natural order of life and death and don’t interfere in that without good camily let others die naturally unless you’re capable of saving them.

Nam Hyun Joo Supporting Cast. Those are the only theories that make sense to me. Recap and Personal Thoughts. From watching the second previews that come after the episode, I could see that one of Seo-hwa’s orders are going to be to “bring that Choi Kang-chi back to me, dead or alive.