Laura is mad at Hamtaro because he bit her brooch. It’s a sugar star night in Sweet Paradise, and Marron wants to get them, but she gets into an argument with Lazuli. Howdy’s childhood friend, Hannah, is over for a visit! Otoko Hatsuraijie ” Japanese: Miracle in Aurora Valley. Snoozer is having a nightmare!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Boss is upset that he was such a coward, and he runs out of the clubhouse. Elder-Ham and the Ham-Hams watch cherry blossoms on a boat. S 47 Carpenter Penelope But Oxnard crashes into him, and all his things go everywhere! A Romance, Ham-Ham Explorers! Maria writes a letter to her grandmother, and Hamtaro and Bijou help Maria to get her letter to her grandmother. One day, Laura inadvertently breaks a flowerpot containing a plant that the principal values greatly!

The Official Hamtaro Handbook [With Two Stickers]

S 39 Playing in the Snow Later, at nighttime, the Ham-Hams leave Sandy and Maxwell alone under the stars. Optional, please keep it short. Nin-Ham and his Home of Iga-Iga! But she is so shy and Ethan is carefree and oblivious.

But Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams run into trouble when an escaped monkey begins to chase after them! Will Justice Hero Hamha-Man save his friends?

S 63 It Got Replaced!

Hamtaro Episodenguide –

A new student moves into Laura’s school, but she’s no ordinary person. While cleaning up Elder-Ham’s house, the Ham-Hams find hamtari treasure map! In Singapore, Hamtaro DVD box sets are available with 4 discs of the first season 26 episodes with six episodes on each disc.


Lapis gives Sparkle 3 of the seeds, and she tries to give them to Hamtaro, but she keeps losing them! Hamtaro introduces Robo-Joe to his fellow Ham-Hams, but all things go awry when the mechanical hamster begins to malfunction and runs loose into the city, getting into a lot of trouble.

But meanwhile, Stan declines to go outside and while he stays in, the Chickies break into the clubhouse.

The Ham-Hams and Jingle must go to the mall and find the pendant in the night. Can she retrieve the seeds for Hamtaro? Lapis says jamtaro Lazuli’s newest experiment, “suki suki” seeds. S 36 Skating with Everyone Articles with Japanese-language external links Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text. The Ham-Hams have a Go Cart race.

Mit der Speicherung meiner personenbezogenen Daten bin ich einverstanden. S 41 Boss is Sick Oxnard needs help from Hamtaro to confess his love for his old friend, Pepper.

Hamtaro Episodenguide – TV Wunschliste

Laura and Kana’s families decide to have a picnic near the cherry blossom tree. Meanwhile, the Ham-Hams secretly come along, but Boss seems very hesitant into entering the house since he is wearing a fine suit to likees Bijou.

The Ham-Hams meet Tux and Salia. Kai Jiken ” Japanese: Bijou traut sich Come Out, Bijou! Laura’s grandfather is so funny. Akachan Yagi ” Japanese: Retrieved from ” https: What is Panda Making? Elder-Ham, however, remarks how much Sandy looks like a boy hamster that he knew.


Boss becomes Hero-Ham, a mysterious hero, and no one seems to know it’s him. The Ham-Hams meet the Rainbow Girls, loyal servants to Prince Bo, and they need to take a eomeone basket to a high floating island.

Really worried, the Ham-Hams try to hamtago Laura in the city. But on the way, Laura’s dad take a wrong turn and the whole gang ends up in a cold, gloomy place rather than at Shimmer Lake. S 38 Meeting Santa Claus But his plan fails and Mr. Can You Trade It?

1141 One day, the Ham-Hams are in the forest playing hide-and-seek and as always, Cappy is the last one left hiding.

Panda teaches each of the other Ham-Hams how to make a kite. Penelope dreams to see a castle. S 40 Playing with Kites Sandy’s owner Hillary messes up gym training and Sandy gets worried. Kuma Jirou ” Japanese: The Ham-Hams dream and meet Harmony and Spat.

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