A young guide leads him to the demon’s cave, where Hellboy is met with a betrayal. As an extra precaution, the pregnant woman can keep scissors or betel nut cutters under her pillow, as the Penanggalan is afraid of these items. Nekoneko An insatiably curious lil’ kitten with admittedly odd tastes in film and music, addicted to spicy food and berry wine coolers Notify me of new posts via email. Malaysian Films , Reviews. Oh well… maybe the next Malay horror will be like the ones I really enjoy. Apparently there was some provision in it that meant she had to pass it along to an heir, but for goodness sake… why?

Definitely no darn way a certain goofy kitten is gonna pass this one up. No way… no how. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Once trapped, a Penanggalan who attacks the house can then be killed with parangs or machetes. Why did she make it in the first place? Those sorts of stories and fables always intrigue me. Yes, not a really good film at all. So, thanks again my savior.

It is similar to the Manananggala similar creature of Filipino folklore.

Some really important… really interesting stuff that is just barely hinted at and then dropped like a hot potato never to return to the story at all. However, a Penanggal can always be told from an ordinary woman by that odor of vinegar. Notify me of new comments via email. Those whose blood the Penangbal feeds upon contract a wasting disease that is almost inescapably fatal. Notify me of new posts via email. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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A Penanggal is said to feed on human blood or human flesh although local folklore including its variations commonly agrees that a Penanggal prefers the blood of a newborn infant, the blood of woman who recently gave birth or the placenta which is devoured by the Penanggal after it is buried. After detaching her head and flying around in the night looking for blood the Penanggalan will come home and immerse her entrails in the vat of vinegar in order to shrink them for easy entry back into her body.


Even when Murni dies at the climax and Yusof miraculously survives thanks to the power of Faith, we never see her again… no mention of whether she lives or dies or if she and Yusof ever do get married. In some instances, it is said that months before birth, family members of the pregnant women would plant pineapples under the house traditional Malay houses are built on stilts and thus have a lot of room underneath.

One version of the tale states that the Penanggal was once a beautiful woman or priestess, who was taking a ritual bath in a tub that once held vinegar.

What happen to Yusof and Zahrah? The woman was so shocked that she jerked her head up to look, moving so quickly as to sever her head from her body, her organs and entrails pulling out of the neck opening.

It is also considered to possibly be a woman that died from childbirth. Abused by the villagers for uantu unwanted powers, Murni is saved by the intersession of righteous stranger Syed Yusof.


You save me from watching this movie. As it flies, the stomach and entrails dangle below it, and these organs twinkle like fireflies as the Mobie moves through the night. According to the folklore of that region, the Penanggalan is a detached female head capable of flying about on its own. Too many unanswered questions… too many plot threats dropped without any reasonable explanation or any rational reason for existing in the first place.

Other, perhaps more chilling, descriptions say that the Penanggal can ooze up through the cracks in the floorboards of a house, rising up into the room where an infant or woman is sleeping.


These thorns, on the vine, can also be looped around the windows of a house in order to snare the trailing organs. Unlike Manananggalall Penanggal are females and there is no variation in Malaysian folklore to suggest a Penanggal to be male. In Malaysian folklore, a Penanggal may be either a beautiful mobie or young woman who obtained her beauty through the active use of black magicsupernaturalmysticalor paranormal means which are most commonly described in local folklores to be dark or demonic in nature.

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Apparently there was some provision in it that meant she had to pass it along to an heir, but for goodness sake… why? And they never tell us!! The Penanggalan will insert a long invisible tongue into the house to lap up the blood of the new mother.

I mean, what the heck is the point of it?

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While bathing herself and in a state of concentration or meditation, a man entered the room without pennaggal and startled her. Views Read Edit View history. They, however, can be identified as Penanggalans by the way they behave. Another cause by which one becomes a Penanggal in Malaysian folklore is due to the result of a powerful curse or the actions of penangtal demonic force, although this method is less common than the active use of black magic mentioned above.

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And… what about Murni herself? Why did she make it in the first place? Why Zahrah met Yusof alone if she is righteous?