The Dinos follow him, now committed to helping him, but they all lose their voices whilst arguing over what the story should be about. Why don’t they make peanut butter and banana pizzas? Harry and the dinos encounter some mischievous characters, Mr Thunder and Mrs Lightning, who despite Harry’s desperate attempts to calm them down, just seem to enjoy making noise too much. When Taury inadvertently suggests that becoming invisible would be a good way to hide, Harry decides that Dino World could be a good place to try and disappear. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Harry jumps in his bucket to Dino World to embark on a noble quest to find Nana’s missing glasses.

Realising that seeing everyone happy makes for the perfect vacation Harry rushes home to Tell Mom, Nana and Sam. Outfitted with musical instruments and uniforms, they set about getting ready for the parade. Articles with short description. Harry is frustrated at losing games to Sam, Mom, and Nana, so he visits Dino-World where he makes up lots of games and wins every time. Frustrated, he goes to Dino-World where he can make as much mess as he wants as there are no edges and no rules. Before long, they meet the mischievous Jack Frostasaurus who is only too happy to sprinkle a little extra frost or create a snowstorm for Harry and the gang. Harry wants to sleep out in his new tent in the garden so that he can practice his scout skills.

Episode titles for season 1 are taken directly from the episodes. While Mom is explaining, Nana mentions that Mom’s birthday is coming up and Harry and the Dinos dinosuars to go to Dino World to embark on a quest of their own to find episodrs perfect birthday gift. Harry really wants to eat the strawberries growing in the garden but Mom warns him that they will not be ripe for another week.

Buster follows the terrified dinosaurs into Dino-World where there ensues a safari-style mission to catch Buster and bring him safely back home.

Harry needs eppisodes making up a story to go with his new drawing but gets the impression that everybody at home is ignoring him so he heads into Dino-World in a bad mood. Before they head home, they even spot Charley’s very own constellation and set their sights on a brand new space adventure! Harry and the Dinos want to fly their kite, but with no sign of a bucletful they are struggling to get it off the ground.


Now all he needs to do is coax it back to reality. A return trip is called for, and this time they are joined by Space Cadet Charley to help escort the lost star back to the Dino-Galaxy!

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs – Wikipedia

Blake and Mortimer Nanook’s Great Hunt. Eventually a baby chick is born and thinks that Dinosaurz is it’s mother, now Sid and the chick are inseparable, but they all learn that caring for a baby is hard work.

Whilst in Dino World the gang bump into their dino friend, Nancy the Nanosaurous whom somehow seems to attract more than her fair share of Calamity. Harry and the dinos follow e;isodes notes and learn that making music, even when making mistakes, is great fun! Showbiz Boy Tripping the Rift. It’s a question Harry has been pondering and the Dinos think they bucketfuk somewhere you can have any pizza topping you like — Dino World, of course!

Harry decides he wants to be a zookeeper when he grows up, but he can’t wait until then so he opens his very own zoo in Dino-World. Frustrated, he goes to Dino-World where he can make as much mess as he wants as there are no edges and no rules.

for Pre K – grade 1

List of Teletoon original series. Once there, the dinos each offer Harry different ideas and advice on how and what to build, so Harry decides that everyone should build their own individual dream homes. However, he doesn’t want to play his violin so he goes to Dino World in search of a new instrument to play. On their arrival, they encounter Digger Stan, the build-it man, who is busy with his latest road construction project, and Harry and the Dinos offer to lend a hand in return for Stan’s help with their mission.

Luckily, help is at hand in the form of Gaston, a French poodle and hairdresser to the stars! Retrieved from ” https: Harry, Charley, and the Dinos are unable to fix it themselves so they take it to Dino-World to try and repair it.

Although the dinosaurs are toy-sized in the real world, within DinoWorld they become dinosaur-sized, while Harry retains his actual size. But a doctor’s office is never quiet for long, and sure enough Dr Harry is soon called to treat an emergency case. In “Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs,” a young red-headed boy explores life-issues with a team of dinosaur friends.

But because the bucket is also in Harry’s bedroom, he thinks it would technically be OK for him to take Sergeant Shout into Dino World. Charley is not very good at Football so Harry becomes vociferously frustrated with her and then sulks off on his own. Afterwards they make a cosy bed for their new friend.


For their last lesson, Harry decides to teach the Dinos how volcanoes work, but he gets a little over-generous with the baking soda as part of his demonstration ensuring that Dino school ends with a bang!

Harry is the captain of the pirate ship but becomes so unbearably bossy that Charlie and the dinos decide to strike and partake in a mutiny – banishing Harry to a desert island alone.

As a result, Harry and the Dinos launch a campaign where they try every funny trick in the book to try to make the Princess laugh again. Although Steggy finds it difficult to build, he turns out to be great at demolition and when Dino world becomes is helps the dinos turn Rocklake Valley back to its original state by knocking down all the buildings.

Luckily for Leslie, Harry and the Dinos stick around and try to find a way for all the animals to enjoy the Jungle Bash together!

Harry fails to see any benefit in rain when a visit to the beach dinosurs rained off. In an attempt to please everybody, Harry bakes a special dino-cake, but this turns out to be very unpopular. When they try to turn the clock back to enjoy yesterday again, they soon discover they are getting younger and younger!

The daughter of King Caradoc’s chamberlain dreams of being a harty. Nana is having a clear-out and Sam is helping her carry some heavy boxes to the car to take to the school jumble sale.

Mad cap balloon adventures get a little dinosahrs, as epusodes Steggy nearly disappears off into the sky. Each volume is packed with four minute episodes that take Harry and his Dinos on journeys where character is reinforced. The play-doh clones of himself that Harry creates aren’t much fun for the dinos to play with. But Harry and the Dinos discover that their energy has a limit when they all become thoroughly exhausted from trying to avoid Harry’s angry alarm clock, which has chased them around Dino -World all night!

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