Peter is being sued and is bankrupt. When Tim is coerced to go with Jack on a secret mission to find Shane and Miranda, Amy is left at Heartland with Janice to get a young race horse ready for his maiden run. Jake seems a little unready to part with Mallory as well. Amy decides to take a year off of school. Amy cares for Ty overnight, and his fever eventually breaks. Mallory and Badger’s relationship starts to heat up again, but Mallory wonders if she’s picked the right guy when she watches Jake and Jamie.

Peter also interferes with Lou and Mallory’s agreement for Copper, telling Mallory that she has actually completely paid off her share of Copper’s ownership, and then some. Scott hires back Cassandra. Articles containing potentially dated statements from February All articles containing potentially dated statements. Tim and his girlfriend announce that they are selling the ranch and moving to California. She attacks Amy in particular for being unable to choose between Ty and Caleb or express how she feels about either guy. However, after Amy contacts Jack via the cabin’s shortwave radio, Peter organizes snowplows to clear the highway in the morning, and Jack grudgingly accepts him.

Ty looks into Marion’s notebooks, and gets Mallory’s help to mix charcoal and water. Ty and Amy have a life-changing weekend when they get engaged. The two kids, Tara and Badger, seem to be at the far end of the spectrum relative to Ty, starting off their stay by burning an Adirondack chair at the dude ranch and putting peanut butter in the muffin Clint was eating — knowing he was allergic to peanuts.

As Amy and Ty help a mare and foal through a difficult weaning process, Jake and Mallory share an emotional goodbye as he leaves for Paris, and she struggles to decide if she will stay working as a manager at Maggie’s or join Jake in Paris. Watch Now Seasn Prime Video. When she finds out his real reason for proposing, she breaks up with ssason.


She holds a town hall meeting where she invites local community heaetland, their MLAand a representative from Bedford Oil, who shows up and turns out to be PW Peter Walter Morris, the company owner.

Mallory is having a big sweet sixteen party until she finds out heartbreaking news. Meanwhile, Jack heatrland increasingly attracted to Lisa.

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Ty gets back on his bike and Caleb returns. This is the second time that Ghost shows up when Ty is in danger. In the meantime, Amy is trying to help a horse named Duke, whose stable-mate died sfason, by trying to get him to bond with Pegasus.

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Caleb gets back on his horse. Mallory collects items Mindy has used around Heartland, planning to sell them on eBay so she can repay Jake for the money he spent helping her.

After his break-up with Ashley, Caleb decides to let her go on the rodeo circuit with him. Amy initially feels threatened by her, but Ty sends Kerry Anne on her way to BC, knowing that she is bad news. Casey McMurtry Kate Ross When Ty brings the maltreated Tennessee Walker to Heartland to convalesce, Amy recognizes the evidence of soring.

Lou continues to hold a grudge against Lisa and avoid her company, though she continues to instant message with the man that Lisa gave Lou’s email to. Peter proposes to Lou.

Secrets and Lies

Amy works with world-famous horse breeder Lisa Stillman’s horse, Promise, who seems unusually aggressive when saddled. Lou blows up at Tim after he forces her to jump Spartan and pushes Seson working his horse until she gets hurt.

Scott unearths the horse’s unusual past. Lisa watches as her horse, Lightning Dexter, is brought to the starting gate where he rears and drops his jockey, Liam. Filming for Season 12 began on May 31, There is a touching moment as she leaves heartlanr ranch. While watching rodeo videos Caleb and Ty manage to irritate Ashley and Amy with their testosterone poisoning and making plans to go to a rodeo in Montana together.


But he shows up just as the match starts and apologizes to Lisa for being so stubborn. Ty takes a seasom at an animal reserve. They are not legally married.

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Receiving congratulations from Jack. Amy doesn’t have the papers to prove she’s Phoenix’s new owner. Tim is having trouble coping with his recent break up and the stress of his custody battle and starts to drink again.

In the end of the episode, Jack has a heart attack. Peter, the young man, emails Lou, but she has to decide s8r4 she wants to respond. And Tim is forced to come clean about his senior rodeo circuit dreams when he learns that Casey is buying a bulldogging horse for him. Amy offers to take care of Trooper while Taylor’s problems are sorted out, however long that takes.

Ashley hasn’t returned yet and Caleb wonders if Ashley likes Italy more than she likes him. Ty explains the situation, and they get Spartan to drink all the jugs of charcoal water together. Amy’s client list has dwindled since her accident, so Lou s84 her to hold a “comeback” clinic. Ty and Kit are headed home in his truck, and they help the girls. Zeus is not performing well with Adrian so Ahmed asks Amy to work with Zeus.