She shows up to her first rehearsal and gets immediately antagonized for being a nobody who has some kind of pull with the director. Why does my heart refuse to follow my brain? But at 4 episodes, there should be something shining between them, The only cute moments are when they’re not on screen together. Shin the woman he married to forget the girl? I just joined the drama crowd yesterday after Ki Young singing. Watch ‘ Heartstrings ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

I was thinking that too, as I was watching ep 4. Of course, she does too: How can I make this happen? Kyu Won will always look cute. Best episode so far. Love the cuteness so much ;. I hope next week I can see shin start falling to kyu won, and maybe a little kissy kissy scene will be better: He brings a security guard to open the door for her and walks her out, giddy that he got to rescue his crush.

Although, I do think he’ll always want to protect her and some of those actions may easily be taken by others as having a romantic intention.

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You are all soooooo funny! Why does my heart refuse to follow my brain? Like dramabeans I’m rooting for a Kyu Won – Seok-hyun, in my opinion they’re more adorable than lee shin – kyu won tandem. Park Shin Hye Main Cast.

At least she was slightly less of a downer in this episode. Fabulous boy ep 5 part 1 eng sub Devye Doonwoo 4 years ago. While running her restaurant, she tries to keep the memories of her son alive and she also tries to protect the neighborhood children from danger.


Why do that again?

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Kang Min Hyuk Main Cast. Shin looks out from his perch above the passing students, and then a smile breaks across his face. Will success on the global stage change them? I’m saddened by this. Your ships will forever live: Anyone knows epieode I can watch this online? I want more Kyu-won and Seok-hyun scenes!!! No No No No. He is too much like Tae Kyung. He tells Dad about the dance teacher that he has a crush on, and Dad says that he liked a woman once.

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Watch You’ve Fallen for Me Episode 9. Your email address will not be published. Online split videos are hosted on third party sites youtubeyahoo and dailymotion etc. Can the pure love of I think turning Shin into a Real Man will be fraught with difficulties.

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This ep was definitely better! NOT with YH, he never gets to talk to himself, he never gets to shake his head in [fill in the blank]. Lots of laugh-out-loud moments and that’s just by reading your recaps.

Episodes by LollyPip. At the same time, Joon Hee also makes friends with two boys, Dong Young, the son of a military I mean she didn’t have to accept that necklace too.

Kyu-won comes across Hee-joo practicing late into the night, and her bitter words the other day about how Kyu-won is taking a darmaload that other people sweat for, start to sink in. I told my boss I can see now why she left. Those with the invisible ink glasses can read them, and know his thoughts and feelings.


Ninkyo Helper Also known as: Thanks for the recap!

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I actually want Shin to fall hard panting for the teacher Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Thank you so much for fast recap. I don’t think Seok-hyun is in any danger of falling for kyu-won, as much as I’d like to see that happening.

Vramaload You’ve Fallen for Me Episode 8. I really want to see Ki-Young have a meaty role here – and his voice is terrific – the pretty doesn’t hurt, either! Dramqload she’s the one Mr. Min’s sincere wish to help Juyeon triggers the epissode ring to react and she transforms into a health trainer. You’ve made me so happy!!!! Joanne July 7, at 7: Like a fusion of old and new. Makes me wonder if he got hurt half on purpose.

I agree with you. Daddy Shin’s all “I wanna tap that, but she’s my BF’sG” He tries to forget her, but ultimately can’t keep it in his pants and makes a baby Shin. I want to see Lee Shin is beging.

Lee Se Yoon Lee Jung Jin is a guy who seems cold and prickly on the drammaload but is actually warm and cud Kim Seul Gi Supporting Cast. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page.

Cabbage July 8, at 9: Planning to watch all episodes this weekend.