Carrie’s CIA career takes off when she becomes an overseas station chief, but but every drone strike and tactical raid comes at a cost and she quickly learns the true price of power. With an old adversary in custody, Saul makes the gamble of his career. Written by KGF Vissers. Senator for that matter, Brody was, too and the chairman of an oversight committee. Saul counters that it would be “short-sighted” to seek justice through the regular civilian channels at this point, since it will do nothing to prevent future attacks on America and will effectively waste the capture of an asset on the pursuit of a minimally valuable legal end. It works, but disgust him enough to consider leaving the CIA, yet he accepts to help find out what happened to Brody.

Homeland season 3 List of Homeland episodes. For a show that strains to draw even its straightforwardly evil Muslim characters in such a subtle and balanced manner, it must be comforting for the writers to be able to take a breather from all the nuance by falling back on that handiest of character cliches: It works, but disgust him enough to consider leaving the CIA, yet he accepts to help find out what happened to Brody. If Carrie can’t understand him, who will? I need a secure compound in Miami, and I need my money, all of it. This is his penance for shooting a child in the head in episode one, but this scene also gave the anti-CIA detective character the chance to voice his doubts about the value of “national security”. Season 3 Episode 7. It’s worth taking a moment to reflect, once more, on the magnificence of the acting in these scenes, especially from the self-important, pettifogging senator.

Their wild swings and shallow concerns were out of character with a show that succeeded because of the complexity of their interactions.

Mira Berenson Gerintion Letts You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. When Saul refuses, Lockhart demands a phone where he can call the President. We’re excited to see what will happen to this character over the weeks ahead; could Alain Bernard be “Homeland”‘s new Dana?

There’s no disputing that. His wife is sleeping with another man, his agency is in shambles, and his hold on the directorship has a fast-approaching expiration date. He sighs as he talks to Carrie. Is that all it takes to make a spy kit these days?


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Before he boards, Javadi volunteers some information to Carrie: Hoemland no mistake — the second-half of this season’s “Homeland” means business. There were a lot of still scenes, particularly during the interrogation, that were largely driven by dialogue — again, because it’s Patinkin, this works beautifully.

Dana Brody credit only Sarita Choudhury Lockhart is predictably furious that Saul has lured Javadi homelans the country and allowed him to escape again without trial, deriding the notion of recruiting Javadi as “Cold War, human intelligence crap. Pretending to comply, Saul leads him into a conference room and locks him inside until Javadi’s plane has left U.

Chris Brody credit only Morgan Saylor Drama US television Television Episode recaps blogposts. Javadi won’t return back to Iran without a fight, of course. Carrie’s one-track mind leads her to crush the potentially romantic moment by banging on and on about Brody, and how she needs his help to go after Bennett, the compromised lawyer that Javadi hkmeland as the person who “moved” the bomb at Langley.

If Carrie can’t understand him, who will? One thing quickly becomes clear: Detective Calvin Johnson Nazanin Boniadi He calls Mira and regales her with tales of their time in Tehran, a quaint little nostalgia jaunt for which her level of enthusiasm appears to be slightly inferior to his. Rebecca Homelajd of The Guardian praised the performance of Mandy Patinkin, saying he is “wonderful to watch, and he proved himself more than capable of carrying the episode.

This is therapy for Quinn, who has been attempting to wrangle with a deep guilt and conflict since accidentally shooting a child in Caracas earlier this season. Carrie’s CIA career takes off when she becomes an overseas station chief, but but every drone strike and tactical raid comes at a cost and she quickly learns the true price of power. Saul has decided not to seek instant retribution, but to play the long game, and to try to put a stop to the tit-for-tat war games once and for all.


Carrie Mathison Nicholas Brody. Is Javadi to be trusted back Iran?

The episode was watched by 1. Majid Javadi is firmly in Saul’s gernotion and seems to run out of excuses to give in to blackmail, so geronrion put on an airplane back to Teheran as double agent. For long stretches of last night’s episode, especially on those moments where the camera lingered on his blank, disappointed and uncomprehending face, Quinn seemed less like a hardened special ops guy finally being broken by the inhumanity and brutality of his job than a robot struggling to become human, a kind of Bicentennial Man with pecs.

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Homeland S03E07 – Gerontion

It was my hope that the absurdities of the early episodes were behind us, but at this point so much of the season is rooted in that unfortunate beginning that it has changed the way the characters act. After he fake-confesses to murdering Javadi’s ex-wife and daughter-in-law, the homicide cop shakes his head in contempt.

Safe to say it’s having a few popularity issues lately. Who is the father of Carrie’s baby?

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Did we need that again? But of course, this was all about Saul and Javadi.

Eventually, he and Dar Adal lock Lockhart in a conference room to prevent him from calling the president and putting an end episoode their fun. Saul tells Javadi that his bombing campaign was too small, and was beneath him.

The range of expression in Tracy Letts’s skin folds is truly astonishing; if the man doesn’t end this season with a swag of honors in recognition of the emotive power of his facial muscles, we’ll give up on TV for good.