Okey si ma’am Use the HTML below. The situation is breaking up their ideal marriage for only Celina can understand and love her autistic son unconditionally. The movie added more luster with the convincing portrayal of the kids. Ang nuances niya ng ritualistic hand movements and echolalic sppech symptom ng autism ay talagang believable. Except for some restless gesticulation of the hands, damang-dama mong buong katawan niya ay nilukuban ng kaakuhan ng role.

At first, their marriage is close to being one made in heaven. Efren Jarlego; Production Design: The monologue, which started sa pasakalye to reconcile ended in pained catharsis, that even a man with a heart of stone whould melt in depression. Not even the soft-focus lens could disguise the bags under their eyes and the lines on their cheeks. Cool, less facial contortion which became evident in some recent films he made. Except for some restless gesticulation of the hands, damang-dama mong buong katawan niya ay nilukuban ng kaakuhan ng role. Autism is like virus and it is not hereditary.

They were too relaxed.

Terence Baylon

Vilma complains that Christopher has forsaken his duties as a father. Developed with Drupal content management platform and Agregado theme. This is really what we call team acting. Filmography Ikaw ay Akin. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Pagkatangi ng Huling Balyan at ilang isyu mula rito. Understandably, Christopher is proud of Paolo and ashamed of Junjun.

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Although, they looke visibly – dare I say it? Full Cast and Crew.

They take a vacation and finally Christopher comes to terms with his feeling for his autistic son. Nadale ng Viva ang kiliti ng masa.

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But doctors know, when a baby is born that he or she is autistic, only they don’t vilka tell the parents about it. However, na-establish din niya ang love and care ng parents ni Vilma at sibling ng kapatid na normal will be more than enough to push the child to develop little by little.

As their ad says people in the entertainment industry who ascribe to Enter Education use their appeal to inculcate positive values. This is indeed a very special movie for Boyet and Vi.

Attempts to “commercialize” the film may be seen in the comic relief provided by the protracted spats between the two kids’ ipagpatawxd Ruby Rodriguez and Jinky Oda. They were the ideal couple and the envy of all their friends. The husband, however, is totally unsympathetic and even considers the child a disgrace.

They only give themselves a second chance when Celina finds out that she is again pregnant. A Writer in the Film Industry Jaguar.

How dissapointed he was when he found out he was autistic. The Dolzura Cortez Story Her calm composure even in the midst of brickbats thrown her way by some members of the press, her acting talents attested by the 16 best actress trophies and her screen image are reasons enough why she has gained a strong foothold in the hearts of the moviegoers. But sanros is making an effort to entertain ipagpattawad educate.


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So when we read the script, we said na sana bago naman ang story, not just a love triangle, or legal separation and such subjects. The conflict progresses to give us the different views ipagpatawa how to accept the frailties of people within our family.

He is in top form here, and portrays a gamut of emotions, as a father who could not accept that his son is autistic; as comfused husband who turns vilmq another woman for comfort; as a desperate man who implores his wife to give him another chance; and as a transformed father who finally accepts his son no autistic. Christopher redeems himself from his bad performance in the movie Huwag Mong Salingin ang Sugat ko, shown last week. The situation worsens when Mike -driven by the abnormal conditions at home and his own self-centeredness — starts an extramarital affair with a balikbayan named Monique Bing Loyzaga.

Pinoy Funny Movie Clips: Jesus Macaraeg Navarro He was diagnosed as autistic. Hindi malalaman na autistic ang isang bata until they are about three or four years old.