Watch the full episode to know what happens ahead. Search the product to add. Meanwhile, Shalini and Abhay reach the hotel room. My mom, me and my sister watch this serial from every monday to saturday from 7: She replies to him that, her wish was to have loving husband even if he was a not a rich guy. Shalini agrees with her, but Abhay tells that, it is not good for health to drink coffee with thick milk. Write a Review on Jothe Jotheyalli.

Will Abhay give up or continue in his efforts to win her love? Tips on American Series. She tells that she is not worth for his love and she is not a virgin. When asked, Shalini tells that she added water to the milk. Shalini too listens this. Upload photo files with.

Sep 18, When Shalini’s younger sister asks her mother for money to pay her college fees, she in turn request Shalini’s father to support their family by doing some earnings. Ranjit discusses with his father about the starting of a new political party. Click here to know more. It is a kannada tv serial on zee kannada channel and a very nice serial to watch tonight: Shanthi asks his son Abhay to be very careful in the sea and have food time to time, during the trip.

This irritates Shanthi further. Abhay and Shalini are discussing about their proposed Europe trip. Abhay laughs by hearing this and tells her that she won’t find such jthe pair in this world. And he agrees and goes with Abhay. She keeps telling that, 8 years back she had man in her life, and she got pregnant without marrying him.

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She wakes up and walks before the God’s idol and prays him to kill her bad memories. He is seen closing his eyes with his hands and uncovers his eyes when Shalini appears before him.


Abhay takes Shalini’s hand with him while they are sleeping, a hesitant Shalini does not wants to hurt Abhay’s emotions but she feels that what she is doing is not at all right. Seeing this, Shalini gets shocked. Jothe Jotheyalli Photos Add Photo.

Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Abhay tries to convince Shalini to accept the proposal of the trip, but Shalini looks bit hesitant. Meantime, Abhay stumbles upon Ranjit who too was in the temple. She stops surfing the channels to see a news item. Inside the hotel room, Shalini, who didn’t had any job to do, switches on the TV. Abhay agrees to her and makes the arrangements to watch serail at home with everybody.

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Meantime, Abhay comes inside, hugs her from the behind and tells her that, they are going to beach and there is surprise waiting for her. She tells him that Vaishnavi was found in the market, and looking at her physical condition and by knowing she had no one to take care, she brought her to orphanage.

Upload Menus Upload menu files with. She also explains him that it is not socially acceptable as he is 5 years younger than her. Enter your email address.

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Will Abhay eventually wins her over with his true jotje and his everlasting flamboyant attitude? Abhay then asks about her imagination of a life partner. This irritates Shanthi and makes her angry. He then gives it to Shalini and tells her that it is a ritual of their family to present first sari to the daughter-in-law, by her father-in-law. He then goes sleep joths her hand. In the early morning, Shalini asks Abhay to meditate while sitting in the garden. Shanthi, taunts that unlike Shalini’s mother’s house they have sufficient milk in their home and asks her to prepare coffee without adding water to the milk.


Jothe Jotheyalli

Then they both go to watch the sunset. Shalini apologizes to him for jotheyalli whole drama. Abhay’s grandfather tries to pacify her by saying he went for honeymoon, not kannadaa. After a while, Abhay comes back to Shalini’s mother’s house where everybody was waiting for him. Shanthi blames her that she finally managed to plan the trip that she wanted.

He tells him that he has decided to invite all the elite intellectuals to his party, and planned to do all the discussions at a resort in Kerala with those likeminded people. He then asks Shalini that, if he comes back will she leave Abhay for him. While meditating, he goes to sleep. Next day they travel back home.

Abhay and Shalini are getting ready to go for their honeymoon trip. But, Abhay asks her to think positively and see the sun as a person who is tired of whole day’s work, and is going to his house for a rest. An OTP has been sent to your email address.

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