So the only caveat I have is that the resolution of the final mystery might not be entirely satisfying, though they certainly made a good try of it. He turns himself in to the police for breaking-and-entering with the intent to commit robbery. Written by rohit thanage rohit. Audible Download Audio Books. He shows Aoto and Serizawa the 3D model he made to illustrate his theories and Aoto seems really amazed by Enomoto’s attentiveness to details. And almost conveniently, Aoto sees Enomoto packing up to leave and immediately invites him to help out with the investigation. Though he protests to Aoto that Enomoto and the locked room cases were just a bother that got in the way of his work, Aoto can see through that.

While at the vault of a bank on business, Aoto or should I say Miss Itchy Fingers presses a button at the door and causes her boss to be locked inside the vault with the bank’s president. There may be a bit of over-acting here and there as she reacts to words from Enomoto or Serizawa but I think that’s still acceptable considering that she’s a newbie law intern and is easily impressed by things she don’t know. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Retrieved from ” https: C-Z About Arashi Hey! While he still tends to prefer the existing explanation of the case suicide , he says it half-heartedly instead of with certainty.

Serizawa was saying this as a matter of fact but somehow it had the unexplainable effect of making me laugh. He shows Aoto and Serizawa the draama model he made to illustrate his theories and Aoto seems really amazed by Enomoto’s attentiveness to details.

There is a lot of humour and fast-paced exchanges and one particular scene I would like to mention is when Aoto and Serizawa were sort-of arguing after they left Enomoto’s office. Hi reivew welcome to J-Everything. In the previous episode, he was purely the comic relief, skeptical of Emomoto and unwilling to pursue the case. Of those, the Enomoto team is actively defending Kohiyama heyx Enomoto himself has discounted Okamura, leaving only two suspects.


Serizawa is always ready to take credit of new found fame. Sekaiichi muzukashii koi TV Mini-Series You are commenting using your WordPress.

It added to his mystery and further intensified his nerdiness. The mid-level mystery was a ham-handed trick, but somewhat realistic despite how time-consuming it was. Yukawa Manabu, also known as Detective Galileo, is a genius physicist and university professor who solves unusual mysteries. For an introduction nl this drama, please refer to my review of episode 1 here.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Aoto and Serizawa as well as the various characters involved in the many different locked room murders were mostly fun to watch, but there was nothing too special about any of them that really made you connect with or feel their pain.

Kagi no kakatta heya

First impressions of this drama: Also, the Arashi theme song for this drama, Face Down, is their best one since Truth. Edit Storyline Erika Toda joins a law firm headed by Serizawa-san, on the first case she kakaatta Enomoto Kei of Tokyo total security who unlocks Serizawa who has accidentally been trapped in a vault. Using earphones seem to have two meanings here.

She also repeatedly offered credible ideas about how the crimes could have been pulled off. But why would he do that? The music was nothing special.

Shinigami kun TV Mini-Series However, it became a bit jarring to the ears towards the end due to the overuse of BGM so I hope that future episodes would not have this problem. He would appear with the signature phrase ” Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. I was wondering about the first episode and now I’m going to watch it!


Maou TV Series Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Audible Download Audio Books. They have a whole two hours of program time to impress us. Thanks for dropping by J-Everything!

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Instead of the more eccentric route, Ohno went for the apathetic and largely unemotional route. Regardless, I thought that the clever intricacies were enough to make up for any minor gaps. Aoto is pure and acts upon her instincts, whereas Serizawa is a prideful elitist who sees time as money and kamatta not take on any job that is not profitable.

Enomoto Kei 11 episodes, Here, the light mystery was easy to understand and ingenious. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: My goal is to introduce people to stuff they might like.

Season two is possible, but unlikely. My goal is to introduce people to stuff they might like. By the way, Kohiyama was not the mysterious figure Serizawa saw — he was wearing a different jacket.