I will at least hold him accountable for how things changed around here. The person behind all of these things is your honourless brother. Let’s excuse ourselves, I have to drive you home and then go to the newspaper. Stop going around with your words and tell me what’s going on, what happened, why are you so bothered? So lucky I asked Tell us what you know about that dog.

Get up, were going, come on! Even when I say I’m one of you, and pretend to be like one of you. I hope that God gives you a woman that will make you smile, inshlla. The poor lady is in her house, come on brother, come on, have a good working day. But if you don’t think it’s necessary, go ahead and start explaining. Yes, Turgut wants to do the wedding right away, and I still haven’t found a dress. We’ll go somewhere where the air is pure, like the beach, and look at the blue colors.

Sinan’s family know each other for years. You misunderstood me dear mother, I’m not saying we shouldn’t do anything. You’re absolutely right, Mrs.

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You’re scared for me and I appreciate that, but nothing will happen, trust me. He said study and graduate and I’ll make your shoes with my own hands.

I had some business at the bank, I finished it and now I’m leaving. Miss Serra was just about to go back to work, isn’t that right Serra dear? How are we going to find the thing she hid from Turgut and from the rest of the world?


And all the ones that suffered, I have to clean their blood that’s still on the karwdayi.

They want you to get married to Sinan in one or two months at the latest. He understood that I couldn’t leave Nurten, and he said she’ll come live with us before I even open my mouth. We’ll go somewhere where the air is pure, like the beach, and look at the blue colors. Even when I say I’m one of you, and pretend to be like one of you. And it’s not clear if this matter will go to a higher court, or not.

I had thought you had a safety box or something, don’t you? The woman you are speaking of is involved in the murder of Prosecutor Suleyman. Didn’t I tell you we’ll leave this door together? I would like to have an engagement and wedding that is proper. The result is clear, I solved the matter without anyone getting hurt, like pulling a hair out of the dough.

If Turgut finds out that you know he’s Yaver, you will become a target. Those people are going for another party in this hotel, right? You don’t worry, your wife is in my safe hands, I’ll bring her home before it gets late.


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He said, one day he will fly like kradayi bird, and land on your shoulder, here. Then I can bring Feride and come, we can have fun and shop around for the wedding.

What does it mean to look into my eyes, and tell me this matter doesn’t concern me? They said there’s going to be an amnesty, mom Let’s keep what came from the shop and from the tea house separately. Look, I think we shouldn’t delay it any more and we’ll go after work today.

Is he declaring his love for you? My girl is getting her degree The condition is that we don’t dirty this matter, that’s why we’ll do it the legal way. Could you order us a couple of cups of coffee, Zeynep? I understand you’re angry, but I have taken account of things according to my thinking. We thank God for this, mother Miss Judge is the one who taught me, that every person has their place and position.