Theyre not yet filming, but they are intrested in actor Bradley Cooper to play “The Flash”thats what i know so far, so they deff are intent on making this movie. But when I thought she was Lois Lane, I thought it was brilliant casting. It even says fan edit Get this man a job Hollywood. Is the trailer real? You put the actress her name escapes me in costume.

It is one of the best fan edits I’ve seen. Except for the CGI, like on Doomsday. Salut tout le monde! This is amazing work. What movie is that? LMAO this is too funny, still laughing.

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However this one is onoine good, I had to watch it. I will keep you posted. Haha a dirty dumb Russian from a horrible, broke, ugly country who things they have heroes!! You sound like you need a hug from mommy.

Коммандо 2 (2017)

I wish I could agree. Fan made and fake are one in the same thing. I may not like Superman, but this was really well made. Superman forever my hero! No actually there isn’t.

Antonym for rudiment

Would someone who knows nothing about it make a fake trailer? This is amazing work. That is it, you dumb Soviet. I would see that Fake, meaning there’s no such thing as a monster named doomsday or an alien from krypton that can fly and shoot heat from his eyes???


That was very well edited. Yeah, we all know them. But I believe in the end it will also have a lot to do with who’s portraying the character.

Pretty cool dude very good fan edit. I think smoyret meant to show that “Kate” was playing Lois Lane, and wonder woman is being played by Rona Mitra in this Trailer. Please go Kickstarter got this from the show. Where did the wonderwoman come from? Good work u done I hope they do make the doomsday battle one day with the onilne superman.

Alors c’est juste pour vous faire passer un message comme quoi je compose de la musique et comme toutes personnes qui commence on dmarre tous tout en bas. The monster looks stupid.

I’m not crazy, i just know a great catalyst. I will pay for his work. God people are stupid. Zach Braff from scrub is backing good Ideas. No me leve a mal mas no ponha junto batman e SuperMan; batman, nunca poder ser comparado ao homem de AO. Actually a Justice Leage movie is beign planned for Except for the CGI, like on Doomsday. I’m totally agree with you. Robin and teen titans come along wich will haveRobin, beast boy, cyborg, raven, starfire, kid flash, superboysupergirl, and last but not least speedy.

What a loser you smltret have Vassili Zaitsev! It’s a FAN made bitches! She’s a really good actress.


I’m-a-gonna share it on twitter. They save not only USA, but the whole world! Can’t you read the title? Thats where the footage is from right? I am hoping they mention it on show.

With every element being seen in kkmandos a film or show be it acting, storytelling and whatever else you can add to that list there has to be a sense of talent otherwise you’re gonna have one side of the boat sinking smoteet the next side full with the passengers pushing down deeper. You put the actress her name escapes me in costume. Wow this is actually great editing. Je vous remercie beaucoup! Yes you have the right to your own opinion Good editing the hulk into doomsday.

I hate superman but this is really well done. I ment gods umung us. Its not a movie?

I love idiots who don’t know how to read it makes indoski feel smart. I would actually love to see the death of superman made into a movie, and the aftermath with the four new superman. No, only a fan would.