Cook studies serial killers under a famous expert Bruce Payne , but her classmates soon start dying at the hands of a Jack the Ripper copycat. The acting is better-than-average, Jason James Richter is a likable enough lead and Melissa Galianos matches him and is quite cute and fiery. I saw it 5 years ago and I still remember it, which to me makes it seem like at least an okay movie. ComicDiva 15 January It is far from great but could have been much worse. Mark Hamill as Bob. For those who enjoyed the original Star Trek Series – effects are at least on a par with that.

I’ll say that the special effects, though dated now, are better than expected considering this movie’s el-cheapo origins, and the decent acting performances and some unintentional humor make up for its many flaws. Perfect to introduce them to the genre. The story was bad. Jason James Richter as Zach. This isn’t a Mark Hammill movie. On a scale of 1 to ten I rate Last Starfighter a Wait 5 years and it will become the next Last Starfighter.

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The story line has a lot of quirky twists. Do not even ‘think’ about buying it from the Dollar Tree Already have an account?

Tedd Dillon as Commander of Black Berets. I have to admit when I got the movie I thought it would be awesome just because Mark Hamil was in it, but I was sadly proved very wrong.

Watching Laserhawk with low expectations, I found it to be laserawk surprisingly tolerable movie. They then discover that Bob Mark Hamillfar from being insane, is an alien being reincarnated from million years ago who has been waiting for lqserhawk invaders to return so he can save the Earth. When I saw laserhaek I was sure the movie would get better from then on but I was wrong again.


The film gives you some great exsitment and quickly takes it away. I won’t even hint of how Mark Hamill fits in. The UFO, moving on, lifts the school bus using its tractor beam and drops it back into the woods, completely empty.

All Critics 2 Fresh 1 Rotten 1. Hamill indeed added some depth but the other characters were hamming it up left, right and center.

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This movie looks like it was made ten years ago. In World War II Germany, two young men, one, an ardent Nazi, and the other, a secret anti-Nazi, are in love with the same woman, the daughter of a wealthy banker.

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Aj V Super Reviewer. Movie Info A teenager who cried wolf now has to warn his neighbors that ill-tempered aliens are on the way in this sci-fi adventure.

TheLittleSongbird 18 June Aliens not yet seen. This article does not cite any sources. I could go on but what’s the point? Ultra aka Rodney Terence Stanko, questions his own existence by asking, “Am I only here for comic relief? Ultra, he admits that he used to work at the mental hospital before taking up cartooning, and the comic was based on the crazed ravings of a mental patient named Bob. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. It was very lo-fi Laserhawk however doesn’t look too bad from a visual point of view, the sets are detailed and colourful, the costumes are fitting and the special effects were surprisingly decent.


The music was horrible, it made the movie even worse and even more corny. Lewis Teagarden of the United States Army comes to investigate his claim, and he discovers that Zach faked the footage using a green screen and a homemade UFO model.

Zach Jason James Richter is a high school student who, in hopes of impressing the other kids, fakes some video footage of a UFO landing which is aired on local television.

I love Mark Hamill in this movie, although he has a small part, he’s brilliant. It could have been so much better.

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This is a good Sci-Fi movie for a 5 year old. View All Critic Reviews 2. I would have sent him there years ago, but I don’t have that kind of power. Goofs The military vehicles in the movie when they break onto the base, are definitly Canadian. But as a movie, this movie was not only strange, it pretty much sucked. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. These giant space ships start appearing out fu,l nowhere and kidnapping all the townspeople till none are left but UFO Boy and his sorta-cute-but-by-the-same-token-kinda-annoying Gothic girlfriend, who points out that his “hoax” UFO and the real-life ones all bear a startling resemblance to space ships featured in a comic book drawn by a guy called M.