Does Sharon have some. Add 10 GB upload to my account 6. My Goddess SoltyRei — Ah! Especially Episode 16 What’s a good way to bump up your ratio? As they are talking at the Culture Park, the SDF-1 Macross gives off a huge energy burst, and then Sylvie is recalled due to a large number of unidentified ships defolding near Jupiter.

They arrive at the SDF-1 and go up to the bridge where Ishtar partially activates the ship simply by touching some of the control panels. Especially Episode 16 The Marduk attack destroys everything in their path. Why on earth would you want them to use it? Also I just noticed that I haven’t updated my list for a considerable amount of time ehhh I’ll do it tomorrow after watching lotsa animu Also wut http: Toss your name out and I’ll throw you a bit more starting ratio, I have more points than I know what to do with. There are torrent clients that have features to help you keep from going over bandwidth caps as well I believe.

Thanks for answering the question, then. Drones don’t get disoriented or black out. They get to the battle area and begin filming the “Minmay Defense”, a holographic projection of a singing idol star. Uploader Deprecated and merged with the Power User class. This is also from it, and that is supposed to be Nagisa and Iczer-3 “forming Iczer Robo”.


My application got rejected because I implied that I don’t seed which I don’t and they caught on. There’s no chart specifically for pre anime.

Macross plus movie bakabt / Best colin firth movies list

Castle in the Sky Little Busters! Can you even find obscure 80’s ovas or 70’s anime in streaming sites? Most anime is native to p.

Macross Plus – Gundam – Macross. There is really no point in fullhd releases if the anime came 40 years ago. What is my movie? The model was capable of transforming into Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid modes, but required the swapping of hip joints for each mode.

Why didn’t they tell me before I left the house: Before this shit happened you dumbnuts. Our perks aren’t the best. Did they move the random button?

Posts ending in 9 get a pic of the girl they choose. I have been on this damn site for 12 years. Dunno if I should focus on the anime or wait till the girl starts singing but its quite boring so far. Glad I grabbed all of sailor moon, my bride is a mermaid, and some other shit before they went down. I only used it to download OST.

In BakaBT it’s especially easy to find a torrent with hundreds of leeches with at least one of those actually leeching. Will I really have maross go back to scouring individual sites for 5 chapters at a time.


You say that, and yet maceoss time there’s a thread talking about torrents, there’s always at least a few bunch making a big deal out of it.

Add 2 GB upload to my account 4. What client do you use? I’ve had an account forever now and I doubt I would’ve made one if I didn’t need to. Which I have unlimited invites for so step up people, they last forever. And otaku would actually buy laserdiscs, to get the best possible.

It definitely wasn’t so bad to warrant a kick. They don’t give a shit about anime.

Anime Thought of The Day..? V.16 – Make this thread great again

If you have a shit ratio account can you still do the open page, log out, download and not lose ratio trick from before? Was bakabt just mostly old anime? How many shows is that? M2TS, 1 video track, 2 audio tracks, 2 subtitle tracks, 1: