Let’s talk about the Marshall JVM Thank you marshallampsuk more. From his instagram page more. Skip to main content. The resonance and presence control is really good and I’d be lost without it. My gig is mainly playing melodies and solos full time, so I don’t do a whole lot of rhythm work during the show. We reshaped the resonance and the presence controls so that they would be a lot more friendly for me. So now it’s an ultra punchy, super dynamic amplifier.

The OD channels are absolutely gorgeous. I wanted this amp for a long time. Marshall JVM – June more. One of them is the JVM H. From the cleanest clean to the filthiest distortion ever found in a Marshall and all points in between, the JVMH all-valve amp head will give you whatever tone you need right when you need it. The JVM works very well with low output single coil and active pickups.

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You can change your cookie settings at any time, or delete cookies, by going to your browser settings. Ivm recommend this if you’re marhsall into getting a new Watt head. You can play Hendrix and detuned Kill Switch Engage by the same amp, without any problem.

The OD channels are absolutely gorgeous. This item doesn’t belong on this page. It can take you everywhere: I wanna play it just writing about it. Now, let’s actually hear about what I think of the amp. In this [article] http: I programmed mine for clean – crunch – a balls on overdrive – a slightly more balls on overdrive – boost – and finally reverb. A spare head mrashall always available just in case something gets finicky with this one.

We keep a half step back for guests: Hands down one of the best amps out there in my opinion. Other than that, I’m using just one head during the show and two cabinets.


The programmable footswitch is great as well. Seriez of them is the JVM H. These are modified by Santiago Alvarez, the Head Engineer for Marshall – also jvm40h really good guitar player. Show less Show more. There are four independent channels, two master volumes and digital reverb so you can transform your sound palette and generate revolutionary sound combinations. Marshall Head Guitar Amplifiers 4.

However I’m sure I will at a later date. It also comes with serial an parallel fx loop. It will you do a lot of good. He shows at 0: If you want diversity and versatility, this amp vjm410h what you want. The fact that each channel has it’s own EQ, volume, gain and reverb, AS WELL as there being two separate master volumes really makes this stand out among others.

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Marshall JVM Series Jvm410h 100w Tube Guitar Amp Head

Jcm reverb for each channel although I don’t use it is also quite stunning, considering I’m not usually a huge fan of inbuilt reverbs on amps. On the official marshall website it is written that adrian smith uses this equipment. Be the first to write a review. What Santiago is able to do with the existing is get rid of a lot of the inherent compression that was a little marsshall popular a couple of years ago.

Any working guitarist out there is going to love the fact that it’s pretty much got seris history of Marshall tones in one head. And now I have it.

We’ve kept the basic design of the s, which is four channels serie three modes for each channel, so you do get a lot of flexibility. As stated on the jet city amps page about zacky, he has used theirHDM, and JCA, on the last three avenged albums which would date this 1000w usuage by him, back just before the nightmare era. This amp is absolutely perfect for almost anything Unless perhaps you’re tuning real low.


Be the first to write a review About this product. I’m using about four different settings right now. Can be seen at Buckethead plays a live version of “Soothsayer” at a show in Pittsburgh. The cleans are beautiful, the crunch is crunchy, the overdrive is really nice and the reverb is a studio quality reverb. Owl City uses two Marshall guitar amps in the studio. And this is coming from a guy who used to be ignorant and naive and hated Marshall amps.

So now it’s an ultra punchy, masrhall dynamic amplifier.

The crunch channel, I haven’t played around with heaps as I haven’t YET found a desirable use for it. Introduce your solo with the two master volumes.

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Silent Siren American Tours more. Zacky has always had a tendancy to use watt amps as opposed to 50 watts, however he only uses it on half power as 50 watts is already loud serues for a stadium when mic-ed up. Basically I jarshall want the presence to be so harsh and I wanted the resonance to be a little more flexible, let’s say, not so overwhelming in the hertz area. I am really happy.