And as you said he has a lot of real support, he gets the most subscribers out of all the streamers and tons of donations. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Tespa Collegiate Series Former 1 Uber Battler on Smogon: Hands down most entertaining Hearthstone streamer I watch! Other Games Other Games. I think some keywords are on autoban, like if you write viewbot.

They need to do 4 expansions a year, this meta is garbage. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Post a Reply 1 2 Next All. It is mainly that reddit likes to gossip and this is the topic of the day, and claiming it is in the name of some sort of justice makes them feel less petty about it. I watched for a few minutes and thought to myself ”Well, this seems like a pretty chill, happy and reasonable guy” So I asked him ”Hey, I haven’t been in the stream before, but what do you think of all the drama surrounding you about botting? It’s no surprise that on a channel with 30, concurrent viewers there will be a good amount of accounts like these. It’s possible for bot-boosting to happen without a persons knowledge. And as for viewbotting:

Funnily he realized straight after saying it that he was going to get in trouble for saying it I personally find all the drama fairly amusing and it’s interesting to see how everyone is getting their knickers in a twist.

Similar thing happened to me. Both him and his mods have always had a weird way of doing things. Dartkun Dartkun 3 years ago 3 Remember when people said Hearthstone players only witchhunt females MagicAmy because they are sexists? His viewership does not watch other streamers after he’s done streaming.

Amaz’s Stream Viewers: Bots?

Just glad he got banned really. Should he be repremanded?


Did you reply to Ayala’s request for feedback? They need to do 4 expansions a year, this meta is garbage. BW Jeez weekly 8. Or he didnt have an account before and signed up specifically for this.

You can find similar accounts in the chat of other western channels as well. You can find his stream at www. BUT blaming it on Amaz without evidences that he is involved is highly questionable, all we can really say is that something fishy might be going on.

His whole shtick is trying to be positive at all times, spreading good vibes etc.

MaSsan about the viewbot accusations: They have teamed up to lie about me

They asserted that they can boost up to 30k concurrent viewership via their support. I think some keywords are on autoban, like if you write viewbot.

MaSsan must be using viewbots. But it’s also incredibly weird that this is all going on while the Massan’s news is going on.

MaSsan had to block his Battle. There actually is quite a bit of evidence to Massan knowingly viewbotting. Massann express my own opinions which might be Author drwma Author website. Hey Gullin is that you? You are commenting using your Facebook account. No matter who you are in the long run you get tired of the same bullshit.

I see zero controversy so far. Former 1 Uber Battler on Smogon: MaSsan, a HS player suddenly most watched on Twitch. Blogs express my own opinions which might be. Wouldn’t masdan his fault anyway, and it would barely change his spot in the streamer list. The only thing bothering me is when he overreacts to things or opens viswbot mouth for a long time like he want’s to wrap it around a cumcumber. Oh, I know about the other stories like that one. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

That is not to say there are or aren’t any bots, but simply that going by your post there is no basis to say that there are.


Interested in E-sports as a phenomenon, and especially in Dota 2, Counter Strike: So yeah maybe there are a couple of thousands viewers by bots, but i doubt it is amaz who is behind it crama it wont make a big difference as he already has a huge following. He acts like a happy dude, all chill, not a single worry but as soon as something negative crosses his path he hits the ban button or atleast his mods do.

There has been messages viewboh MaSsan viewbotting as early as in Julybut in December the outcry really got strong. Log In Log In Register. Nobody else payed attention to this guys nick “amazislie”? The outcome of the tournament — in the dfama — was not affected by the mistakes. I don’t participate in those topics, but ultimately, those topics that bring attention to shady behavior serve an important purpose for the public.

And there aren’t as many platforms to disseminate this kind of information that are as effective as Reddit. Post a Reply 1 2 Next All.

MaSsan about the viewbot accusations: They have teamed up to lie about me

I watch Amaz while at work sometimes, and when he wraps for the day I close my Twitch window. I know what you are thinking, that most likely is just Twitch Chat with their copy pasterinos, but the timing of the messages and the fact that these accounts are usually merely hours or minutes old, makes spotting chatbots pretty easy if you are on the hunt.

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