It’s not a great sponsorship deal. Let’s go piss around with some nuclear stuff. The last Christmas party was a disaster. Streamlining it, yeah, I don’t think that’s really the best way to go Simon is startled by a spider and screams so loud he sets off a car alarm outside. Please send it to me, professorgrizwald gmail. How is it my fault?

Their ultimate goal in Tekkit? What were you doing at the time? Why is there so many?! No, I probably still wouldn’t eat it. After Sjin manages to kill off two players, almost everyone in their own videos speak of him as a rather dangerous foe. The reason he was walking away? What is wrong with you?!

Best Let’s Play Minecraft Voltz Mod? The Yogscast’s Duncan and Lewis, Of Course (Video)

Units of Strife, those sound perfect for measuring how much easier your life is. I did, and I learned that when I’m told to go west I go west, not south! As in, literally two steps behind him the entire time. Player that survives the longest wins.

No, I probably still wouldn’t eat it. Duncan complains of being hungry, then immediately walks in the opposite direction from Simon as he tries to give him baked potatoes.

And almost every time, the TNT ends up backfiring. The increasingly Running Gag of Simon using multi-purpose TNT — blowing up doors he couldn’t open, blowing up puzzles he couldn’t solve, building it as scaffolding to get higher, using it as bridges Do you, uh, do you ever do that kind of stuff? Gotta be careful doing thatSjin. In the PAX teleconference panel video, Simon builds a simple wooden house to show off how Minecraft works, then installs a fire by lighting some netherrack in the middle.


We are the worst, like, we are the worst fucking players at this game. Their first goal, owing to their name? Was that what caused the fire? It’s about making friends and building things, mniecraft are you doing? Get it over with. I can hardly lay on a sheep, space man! You need to login to do this. Then the Great Mushroom War of happened.

Get off my light! Advent Calendar Day 4: It’s not a eipsode sponsorship deal. Good news is I’ve dug our way out.

Baby Jim of course turns out to be the Volcano they found in a much earlier episode. He is still refusing to free any of his fellow Whale Lords. Let’s go piss around with some nuclear stuff.

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Duncan and Kim reject it because ylgscast as Kim says in their own videos – they’ve “Been there, done episoode. Don’t set anything else off! That was me, don’t worry. Um, I mean—if someone was holding a gun to my head?


What’d’you mean “we’ll cut that? I can hear explosions. So I was thinking the other day, Lewis, erm, what do you think would happen if. It’s creating this like, pig lagoon, of like happy funtimes.

Any time a Creeper is found following someone. Voltz YogscastLalna and BlueXephos channels.

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The frantic dash to rescue Gilbert the Snow Golem after Teep pushes him into water is equal parts yogsast and adorable especially when Rythian pats the Snow Golem on the head.

Oh my God, no!

I am sure that Israphel once again accelerated the natural process Day Strippin gets handed a hang glider off the Hat Films boys, and is having a grand old time. Simon is startled by a spider and screams so loud he sets off a car alarm outside.

That was minecrafhthat was the best thing I have ever done. Hang on, hang on! Hexxit Live 1 begins with Duncan, Sjin and Lewis spawning into a new world.