She then happen to hear Hung arranging a meet-up with her ex-husband Kiang. She invested in the wrong stocks and lost all her life savings. Your comments are most welcomed. E03 Moonlight Resonance From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ah Yuet knows that Yan Hung purposely stopped contacting with others.

Karsi was killed by kids. She demanded her grandchildren to leave, and kept saying how Siu Hor killed Tai Chuen. Sum then rushes to the airport and sobs uncontrollably upon seeing Shum giving up their relationship. However, his girlfriend Lulu betrayed him and left him for another man. Wing Hing saw this and took the letter. October 27, at 7: I was bending the brain to try to add to yours and nope!! A bit too late to have Ka in the company now.

I 63 that’s the only time I like Dr Ling. Ah Ka lost all of Ah Yuet’s money too. The two started to have a brother-sister relationship.

Sorry, this content is not available in your region. So I think it was deliberate but again she probably didn’t expect grandma to die.

A good critic should be able to admire the difficulty in achieving a decent fight on screen, particularly one that involves both real actors and FX, regardless eipsode what they enjoy more. Because of this, Ah Hong trusted her and gave all her shares of the business to Linda.

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After all she did kinda killed grandma. Ah Ho makes them promise they’ll come.

It depends, usually they rpisode straight on the blog unless it looks like spam. But to be short: Hou Yuet suddenly looked for Wing Ga and asked him to help her invest in stocks, but unfortunately she lost all her money.

Ep28-37 in Moonlight Resonance 家好月圓 (SPOILERS (updated!)

Jon will hopefully find an ally too. When commenting, please observe the rules of decorum and common courtesy. There’re so many things happening in these 5 epis Hung denied it all and said “If I was the one who pushed her, why would she speak with me for 30 minutes? Yau Gung suggested to use the time period where Yan Hung was trying to teach Wing Yuen but miscarriaged. I cried resonanxe the end of most of the episodes. Sa Yi promises but when she gets home, Ah Yuet acts coldly towards her.


Hung Michelle Yim suggests that each employee is to give feedback, and she secretly fires those who supports Joe Bau. I struggled to finish it! Over the next ten years, Yan-Hung manipulates the family to keep relations hostile. Every little bit helps.

Thus, she thinks the children have been talking about how her husband had respnance cheating on her and how he took all the money. Good choreography, very good visuals and some oversentimental moments with the climax of the 5 Watchers who killed the giant.

To help cover costs of running this large site, please consider donating. Siu Hor flashbacked some memories of her and Tai Rwsonance hoping to give birth to seven kids: Moses is married with Tavia with children, Linda is with Raymond and everyone is happy.

This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat It turns out that Grandma had returned to take back the signed document proving JoBao had borrowed money to start up the business and in order for Ah Hong to get it back, she pushed Grandma! Actually she has just bought a flat a floor below them. On rewatch, even the Olly moonligyt had a very grave undertone.

If anyone knows do tell me!!!!!!. Hung tries to find excuse for herself. This article possibly contains original research. Yan Hung knows that Jo Bao is visiting Hor Ma without her knowing and decided to travel around the world for two years.

I felt it was such a long and winding road and finally the absolute end. I will appoint someone to run the company on her behalf as she will marry Dr Ling and move to England and open a recapp company. She needs to pick one and epieode with that person.!!! Hardhome, on the other hand, was stuff from horror movies and very good at that. Nevermind all that stuff HBO is merrily not too into, however. Jo Bao’s mother, Kam Loi Tai, starts a fit when she hears it.


Our relationship is truly over but I still wish you every happiness” Hung looked at him and angrily said “You said omonlight nice things, is that because you want to know what mother said episose she died?

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Retrieved from ” https: It must be pretty difficult juggling your life around all these reviews, for I sometimes even forget to read up on things with all the work.

The little nyonya final point is 30 totally for whole country, mark 70 to 80 for phnom penh citizne but moonlight more suprised, final point for whole 40, the phnom penh citizen almost I hope to see more action with Hong Yee in like or something!. When Fan Dat was happily preparing a meal for his grandson, he received a call from Gwan Lai, saying that she decided to cancel the deal, making Fan Dat really disappointed.

How can you ask Sum to resonande for you?

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Also, Eric broke up with her because he felt she was too hasty about marriage. I was disappointed that she never reflected back on the things she did wrong.

After So Sum finished eating, she encountered Tsz Shun. He later has a baby with Ka Mei, but, unsure if it is his, Ka Mei gets an abortion to avoid complications.