You have come to Malaysia from Missouri.. Somewhere near the temple. Search for ” Naa Ishtam ” on Amazon. I can’t do anything if I didn’t find her. Buddy, did you hear what he said? What will you do? Run through the history, this has been happening every time.

I will introduce myself. Don’t you know about him? How did he interfere? Into this situation walks in Kishore and he is desperate to win back Krishnaveni’s love. What do we do? Sir, that city guy eloped with our madam. Why did you come out?

The bride should be present in the wedding dais. I am with you. She will surely fall in love with me some day.

The one who has this is never orphan. Take him from her. Since they couldn’t come for the engagement. I wonder what happens to them after coming to foreign. I want your love to become successful, so I I will call you later. Have you seen lovers like him? Did she subtiles again? I’m a bad man.

Had you listened to me, we wouldn’t have seen this day. The groom’s father has seen him with Kavita. Do you think we are Kabaddi players? Who do you think I am? You subitles my priority in my life. The “Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows” widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb.


Jinx, get the car. I think he’s stuck in traffic. Your love came ishtamm an end soon after you decided to commit suicide.

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Are you out of your isjtam The day this happens, my life will be set. It was only you who assured me that Kishor would surely come. I am the right guy for her, better than Dhanraj and Kishor. Your daughter is lucky.

I don’t want to understand anything. I got a call from Malaysia. Tell me, what if you don’t get Kavita. If you still want me to go ahead with the marriage. You go to America. I will tell you the truth today.

Where will I get so much money from? Okay, you go that side! Kill both of them. One minute, am I eloping with you or you are eloping with me? Is she so angry with me? When did she become your lover? She hasn’t confessed it yet. Instead of living a miserable life with that goon I have to return in three days.


Reason for it is Kavita. It will be a trouble. I didn’t elope but brought her back. It is my career.

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Tell my father-in-law that I found out about Kavita and Kishor love. If I let go, you will die. You go, Wubtitles come. Look there, he’s trying to escape with son-in-law’s support. She has opened the doors of her heart for you. He will never come.