TV Editorial Team , Sep 21, Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Swanandi secretly listens to their conversation. He actually is the poorest actor in show after his elder brother. Swanandi’s aunt tells Vacchi aatya that they do not want Swanandi to marry Indraneel. Rang de Basanti Career: Vacchi aatya asks Mahesh’s mother as to why they rejected Sampada’s marriage proposal. Swanandi tells her family that her uncle has gone out to meet Indraneel.

TV Editorial Team , Dec 31, Sachin Deshmukh Jan 1, at 2: I was fed up by watching regular marathi serials with typical drama. Interspersed with the clashes between the opposing ideals of Swanandi and Lalita, this show is the saga of how Swanandi conquers all the difficult situations only with the help of truth. Later, Indraneel realizes that Swanandi has forgotten her mobile phone. Swanandi tells her sisters that she would miss them all after her marriage. Will Vacchi Aatya succeed in manipulating Lalita into liking Swanandi?

Nanda Saukhya Bhare

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Yes the drama ssaukhyabhare quite slow but I can understand the speed necessity! Ratris Khel Chale Marathi. TV Editorial TeamDec 31, Swanandi tells her family that her uncle has gone out to meet Indraneel.


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Later, Swanandi tells Indraneel that she is going to remind Lalita about their heated discussion on phone. Reshma Shinde Age Marathi.

Suhas Paranjape and Chinmay Udgirkar were her swanand in this serial. Every time he has to go in the group of ladies and crack some filthy jokes!

Watch the episode for more details. Sampada tells Mahesh that she wants her marriage to saukhyabgare a grand one. Indraneel meets Swanandi and suggests her to be cautious while dealing with such goons. Lalita tells her husband that she would make sure that Indraneel marries Swanandi. It is a very superb serial.

I swannadi fed up by watching regular marathi serials with typical drama. Lalita requests Vacchi aatya’s sister to sign on the legal papers to sell her piece of land. Indraneel apologizes to Swanandi for his behaviour. Please move forward in the story or the viewership will plummet down. He meets his friend and informs him about the same.

Later, Swanandi’s mother requests Vasant to consider Vacchi aatya’s suggestion. Swanandi angrily asks Indraneel to return her mobile phone. Shail Aug 16, at 4: I like her very much. Lalita apologizes to Swanandi for scolding her over the phone. Bagwe performed in a number of ekankikas before she started acting on TV. Swanandi makes a calls on Indraneel’s mobile.


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But in the process of defeating lies, her in-laws are not defeated. Neetu Patel Shah Sep 8, at 4: Swanandi’s parents ask her to show Indraneel their house. She suggests them to marry off both Swanandi and Sampada on the same day.

Indraneel follows Swanandi and her sister on his bike. Your email address will not be published. Click here to login.

For her education, she went to the Parle Tilak Vidyalaya followed by Maharshi Dayanand college in Mumbai, and has completed her graduation degree in B. A Fragrant Love Story with traits of a Thriller. Swanandi learns that Vacchi Aatya is deliberately finding faults in girls attending the ceremony. I did not get her name. Lalita insults Ashwini and her parents for being poor.

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Taking my words back. When Lalita seeks a suitable daughter in law for her son Neel, Vacchiaatya willingly steps forward to help her with her search. Vachchi atya bhari, swanandi acts ok but looks batthad.