I did it for the starry-night-sky theme with the constellations in it. You are also now able to visit the Astronomy Tower in the Hall of Heroes. Please report anything you see breaking these rules and familiarize yourself with the long-version of rules on our wiki page. Noo, The real bane of all videogames is gear-puzzles. Normally it should move. Part Four “Follow me to Jhudora’s cloud,” Nella said.

Maybe it can free up the gears. His door is to the right. I just did it about 2 months ago, so yes! However, only pages 2 and 3 have text on them. Oh nevermind, found a different guide and figured it out Edited January 11, by Scintilla. Three perfectly flat 3-inch rocks. Red Pteri header image courtesy of Suta Raito.

The first two pages are the only ones written, though. Sign In Need an account? I’ve tested this quite thoroughly, though, and Neopetx believe it’s close to rock-solid.

Then, there are specific gears you have to lodge a rock in to to get the right half to go to 6 notches. And what’s next on our list? Posted December 2, You’ll get a message saying it didn’t work. I read both guides for the gears, but I still don’t understand. It was worth it. Neopetd allow you to have the full length of tries before he flares up again. Edited by Strategist, 03 June – We’re sure the Janitor will have that fixed shortly.


Are you using TDN’s guide? Yep, completing this is still right on the bottom of my Neo to-do list.

Can you still complete the Altador plot? : neopets

Now, stick ONE rock into the first gear. It’s an exact fit, and the table is completely stable! Upon clicking download, it’ll say:. Click it, regardless to what the yurble says. One with the ceiling and one with the gears. Yours has a high probability of taking longer, but not by much.

Neopets Altador Plot Solution and Walkthrough

My problem is too, that the ceiling neopes wont move, no matter what i do, and the janitor doesn’t get upset and fixes the gears or something, this is getting very irritating. The above code can simply be saved as a. And when you do illegalness, you go to JAIL!

I think this button here is supposed to do something, but I can’t figure out what. You can use these lines to jeopets how far the doors have opened.

Altador Plot Autocompleter

What does that mean? However, it’s not possible to simply test all in a row, as certain levers must be reset before continuing. But it was our fau- Dillon: There is no proof we did them It was that whole ‘mini’ in the title that made it seem like it would be short, Brief, Sweet and then that site theme would co,pleter aquired.


That is, even if you check statue 1, it might end up there while you’re checking the others. Those Jubjub miners look ready to neoptes. Then we went to that wonderfully hidden rock quarry!

Once you have those all you have to do is stick all three rocks into the 3 gears the move 4,5, and 6, then refresh the ceiling, viola!

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He’s a little, orange, strangely familiar Yurble. I attempted a few times before just manually opening all the statues right away and grabbing it myself, its going through the Punch club combos neopeys. Surprisingly, there is only one case of this in the plot, which is- Pita: It’s an extra fifty requests neopdts so that have to be made, because there’s no way to know you’ve gotten them.

During the plot, you sneak around the quarry, go into an ancient tomb- Pita: