From celluloid to video Up to the beginning of the s, the history of Ethiopian cinema attracted little scholarly interest outside of the country. Tatek Tadesse , Gudifecha, Ethiopia: Though neither treats lightly the dangers of political instability, crime or contagion, both are suspicious about the political calculations behind the designation and concerns about its consequence for residents, visitors and international relations. While considered by most critics as the film that inaugurated the history I was happy giving them an in-depth tour of the market where we were able to spot the sales agents with interest in African films and to talk with several of them. At the beginning of the video industry, a certain level of diversification existed and audiences were eager to watch both comedies and more socially relevant dramas.

While cinema struggled to become popular, Addis Ababa. At the beginning of the produc- tion phenomenon, in the early s, very few films were released and they were all accepted for screening in the few existing theatre halls. Much more could be written, and much deeper analysis of the films could be proposed, but the scope and length of this article does not allow further analysis at this stage. That evening at Crem in Monte Carlo, the filmmakers screened their short films, to the public, program supporters, and local Monaco media. Kumar, Ajay , Tulsi, India: Pankhurst , the film selected for the first screening was a short German film showing Christ walking on water Paulos G.

Siyarefafedwhose budgets fall betweenandbirr USD Today the average 25, and 35, Similarly to what took place in Nigeria and Ghana only a few years earlier, these distributors initially invested in the recording of stage plays in VHS format,16 and later moved to the production of nea films. The interactions between self-trained independent producers and formally trained state-employed professionals did not last for long and the issues related to the lack of profes- sional training in the industry became relevant in the following years.


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Kazkaza Welafen was also one of the first films to be screened in a new theatre hall. If Ron Burkle succeeds in buying it, there will be more good news coming from the near moribund trade paper.

He also announced that in addition to the focus on Ethiopia begun in and its filmmaking community, the Iefta would also be broadening its educational outreach and support to include young emerging talent from other African nations beginning in Sierra Leone.

Mirt Sost Shi Amit [], Imperfect Journey [], Adwa, an African Siruet [], Teza []they can hardly be considered as representative of current film-making practices in the Horn of Africa, since Haile Gerima trained and later practiced as a film-maker and scholar almost exclusively in the United States, and his work is more connected to the African American film movement than to the locally based Ethiopian film industry.

In the same period of time, the number of siryeg 12 September mas has also dramatically increased. Berihun September and 11 I appreciate the Efi and Iefta efforts – and for selecting my projects and me!!

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In Cannes he will pitch his upcoming film “Nishan” or Medal of Honour. Almost films have video films been released over the past ten years, a fifth of it only during Lombarus, translating them from are a good example of this.

Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. The records go from 10 films licensed in of the Ethiopian country, Addis Ababa calendar ECthe year in which the licensing practice was introduced, to being the main if not film licensed in the year ECwith a total of films produced over the only centre of production in Ethiopia.


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The Iefta has been supporting Emerging talent since and has been specifically supporting Ethiopian film since nea However, the general belief is that film-making has become a profit- Company owned by Theodros Teshome. These days there is much going on in African filmmaking.

His next film is My Brother, My Enemy. Ethiopian Comedy — Ye Almaz Tebasa 5 years ago. It will examine the ways narrative and documentary filmmakers and the media have siryeet to the devastating worldwide crisis and how they have engaged and depicted refugees and their circumstances.

We are glad to see this interesting, very political new film of his coming out to acclaim. I have known Marco ‘on the film circuit’ for a while and am really glad to see this interesting, very political new film of his coming out to acclaim. Their representing the unrepresented makes me an enthusiastic supporter of them, the Iefta and of Filn for carrying on his work.

FentahunChapter for the coronation 2. The poster of the video film Tzetzet Tesfaye S.

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Iefta will be announcing exciting new initiatives and international programs and partnerships during the Festival. I am looking forward to what the future will bring for this program and for me. The Ethiopian Renaissnce Sjryet Begun!

As the project that analyses and compares the economies of digital film-making in title of the section suggests, however, a number of sub-Saharan African countries.