Taylor, I know it’s your first time, so don’t worry that you’re going to be bad at this. You’re the only person who’s baffled by why. I didn’t sign the book. Just– he asked me for time because he said he needed permission to trade me a story he promised was much bigger. We found these pictures today. His campaign office, too, but I didn’t get very high up.

You’re looking at it right now. There’s no story until Charlie says so. There are eight experts– PhDs in statistics, economics, and political science, and they use computer models to combine raw votes, exit polls, sample precincts, and early voting to project the winners in each district and state. Watch Now With Prime Video. What if I keep talking in rhetorical questions until you just can’t take it anymore? We aired a doctored tape in support of a fake report.

Don and Maggie and I were resigning. Yeah, but this is important. In three, two, roll in.

And I’ll tell you why. It’s critically important that we not make any mistakes tonight. A lot of those states are starting to fill in blue. This is the written test you have to take and pass to work for the New York City Department of Sanitation.

And Jerry Dantana’s not gonna get one newsrpom dollar. I’m not a bomb that’s about to explode. David Patraeus is about to resign over an extramarital affair with his biographer, a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve. Kathy Ling Salli Richardson-Whitfield I believe you’d sell me into slavery for a story.


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It’s a party here. If Virginia’s Senate is going red – Yes, you are. We can also project that Mitt Romney will be the winner of Kentucky’s eight electoral votes. Obama’s gonna take Virginia and we’ve been looking hard at some awtch in Ohio and Florida. I’d be really happy for you.

Mac, I get it. That is the all of it.

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I don’t have exits for you. I need the name and contact information of the person who bought the book. Can I raise what I think – is an interesting example of something? What are the chances that you do? In the battleground state of Virginia, ACN is projecting that race too close to call. You’re the only person watfh baffled by why. I said, “If your company needs a very hardworking sociopath, then Jerry’s your man. Can I say as a PR expert, I thought it was, as a matter of fact, watcu.

Why don’t we drop it for six hours? No, we’re just– We’re not flaunting it.

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I mean, what the fuck?! Part 1 It is definitely fun to watch the rift between Daniels and Mortimer to go brutal, but they have been stretching it for awful long time, addition to that, no matter how basics, the live news drama is always entertaining. Let this one go. He’s suing me for giving him a bad job recommendation?


I was trapped by my own sentence structure. I’m sorry I didn’t explode for you. Those were her words. When our team here is ready to make a call, they put it into a program called iNews. And that’s our ambassador in Hungary hosting a pizza party.

Election Night: Part I

Are you saying you agree? If a news outlet doesn’t have credibility, it doesn’t matter what else it has. InBrody wrote in an SFA publication, “It’s a sad fact, but women cry rape to avoid embarrassment, to exact revenge, or just to draw attention. Your hair is the color of goodness. It’s Wikipedia’s policy not to use information that comes directly from the source of the article.