It was enough, a spark that will ignite a huge fire. Not everyone can be Daeny or Sansa. Both of them made mistakes. Just like when Arya blew out the candle at the end of episode 6. Who knows if Osha did obey and take the real Rikon to the Umbers?? I absolutely hate Sansa right now because she feels like Little Finger light. Some of them escaped certain death so many times books and show I might even be relieved of them passing. The episode was technically and aesthetically brilliant, but just about every part of this was inevitable — the Stark forces would win, the Vale would ride in to save the day, Ramsay would lose, and Sansa would get her final revenge over him.

And then Jon charges an army. Too passionate, she looked like an eager teenager with dragons. He has been visibly agitated at the futility of the whole thing all season and his failure to save Rickon was the icing on the cake. Even if you were a show only person, no book knowledge, no monitoring of fan site, you could still see Littlefinger coming from a mile away. The scale is unquestionably the largest ever, but it takes more than just scale to really achieve the epicness this show is capable of. Had my concerns about build-up Plot but they managed to cover it all to give the benefit of the doubt — just, there were a fair few things though which adds up but the Director has smartly covered all of them. And this has made me remove the fear how it will be done in the wars to come in westeros and beyond the wall.. I have no words.


I felt absolutely claustrophobic when Jon was beneath the pile of people, it was so realistic.

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I respectfully but totally disagree. That scene was fantastic. My throat is raw from screaming.

He has done nothing to deserve it and his nonsense decisions have gotten men killed. And everybody, including Jon, knew he should not.

I was pretty much spoilt about the Northern battle, but the character beats in it were totally raw and visceral and awesome. No, of course not. Maybe it was not the smartest choice but we all know that running to save his brother was something Jon would do.

Those who are interested in such things might want to look at The Punic Warswhich gives you a clear picture as to what happened, and what a horrible episodde it was. Just putting that out there. He needed to make mistakes and learn from them.

And bites more, and tears and destroys him as Sansa looks on. I think the post-rebirth depression will fade and the Jon Snow we wanted to see the whole season will be back in command — stronger, tougher, and ready to lead. They could at least have given him a scene with Osha or some dialogue between onnce and Ramsay and a chance to show us that he is as much a badass as the other Stark children.

Tiny things that I liked. Am so happy Tormund and Davos made it! I got my Sears credit card statement in the mail the other day.


It was a glorious moment. I absolutely hate Sansa right now because she feels like Little Finger light.

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We have info here that can help! Nobody learns anything or is changed in any meaningful way. Credit Union of Ohio Scholarships.

How did she know that Ramsay did not feed his dogs for 7 days, when she was already gone once he mentioned it in the parley scene? Now he can rebuild himself.

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The Kingslayer would be Queenslayer!! Seeing the three dragons together again was so fun.

I give her full credit for that. You cannot just keep acting dumb the whole series and call it the Stark way. Harvey and Donna are caught in the crosshairs when Stu is blackmailed; and Samantha revisits her past.

Not a scratch on him. Married at First Sight. Dany casts off for Westeros. The scene where Jon gets trampled had me holding my breath. Mellisandre fight was well placed.

He joins the ranks of show Jaime and show Bran for shitty character development. They obviously care more about them but I thought Jon was really good in this episode but some fans will never be happy. The giant, the last of his kind, breaks through the door and falls to his knees.