Her eyebrows shot up in surprise, but there is also a sad expression, rather than happiness you can see it in the cap , almost like she doesn’t want it to be true. Chairman Chen laughs and tells the Minister that Ki Joon is married to Ah Jung and they are a loving affectionate and loving couple. The guardian tells Young O this is not her baby. She says anesthesia will be bad for the baby. Thanks so much koala for the recap! AJ says she thinks she knows how that feels. I LOVE that Ki Joon went to help Ah Jung, and that he spent the entire episode pretty much assisting her and watching her be awesome at her job and try so damn hard.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Gives me the feeling that I want a boyfriend of this kind too, since im a civil servant too.. She tells him she thought about it, and about him, and about her, and about them. Young O says this baby was wanted by everyone, but in the end needed by no one. He checks her pulse. Simile to a gag: Jae Bum sits at home drunk, clothing and household items strewn everywhere.

As he carries dramarcazy home on piggyback, Yoo-bin admits that his back feels just as warm as she expected it would be. YS was right, their timing poposal so off There aren’t any overt class issues, her parents love him and think of him as their own, they have the same group of friends, they like the same kind of stuff-baseball I agree that JW is too perfect, although that in itself can be a fault taken to the extreme.

ProDai VS Operation Proposal: Head-to-Head

Love this episode, I was laughing one moment and crying the next. Her reaction to his confession is so weird to me. But Judging Ep 11, I guess, It went well. Nor can she dine there because she is not a V-VIP.


It’s more realistic than other kdramas where things just magically work out. I feel like I’m watching the same thing happening over and over, just slightly different: Ah Jung is at a meeting so she texts So Ran.

The Dramatards

He is all geared up to rip the contract to pieces, to court AJ earnestly and to turn himself from fake to real hubby for her. You are commenting using your WordPress. I like the KJ that he is now, he is not afraid to show his feelings anymore, totally different of what he is opwration the first few episodes of LTM.

After watching this episode, I wholeheartedly agree with your opening comments – I feel like we’re moving forward and then when I turn around we’re back at square one.

Operation Proposal – Episode 16 English subtitles | Watch online and Download free on FastDrama

K introduction and her Ending thought every single ep… Thank you Ms. Remind me of someone called the Prposal Hyun has taken a position that is against his own personal ethics.

Why are you so insecure about Baek Ho loving you? You are commenting using your Facebook account. I just love how KJ is super adorkable. Kissy-kissy bang-bang every where!!!! This annoys and frustrates him. She trusted him and knew that there was nothing going on between him and Yoo-bin.

In the original two episodes I really thought the series would focus on the regenerative research being maliciously misrepresented and patients dying left and right from the clinical trials. Usually when you hear someone loves you, you smile, but instead she looks worried and frowned.

Spoiler Code — Blue. Her brother sees the contact name and misunderstands who is calling. Writer, I ask thee favour of giving BH a happy ending for a change!

Episode 11 was all Ah Jung and Ki Joon, all the time. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I loved how this episode was focused mainly on Ah Jung and Episkde Joon.


I want they have new project together again. He was presented on a silver platter, but she still won’t make the effort. If I were the girl, there would be a major cat fight that is going to happen. Third; Ji Won, if Baek Ho had your ultimate personality; he’d be the perfect guy that I’m rooting for and not getting frustrated at.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Aunty, you need to back off, and let Ice Prince resolve his love things on his own!!

They stumble into each other’s path and operatioj ‘fate’ convives to make them face to face. I dont know what Aunt is doing, but she best calm down. Im so giddy, giddy,giddy… If we have a new writer, I could say, the new one is tender and so sweet, but I want rough one.

Wait, we’re operaiton ohmygosh someone save this drama please. They should have stretched the whole date for the whole episode and let other problems in the next ep or something. Flimsy and nonsensical plot nothwithstanding, the interactions and scenes between the hero and heroine are funny, sexy, silly, and totally satisfying operatjon watch. I was afraid that this show will push to stay true to the original by keep sending Baek-ho back to the past. Seriously, boy, you need to grow a new pair of balls, and tell to yourself, until you believe it, that you ARE NOT, going to interfere in your proposap happiness.

Not for a while — plus I want to watch the Japanese version as well to compare.