Thank you for the recap. Tamaki jumps in after her. His face is so charismatic. Thanks for the recap. He sits up and gets off the bed. He pushes her onto the bed and looms over her, grasping her wrist tightly and pinning her down. Its always fun to read your enjoyment for Ouran.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I love this drama too. Even though I love Yusuke to pieces, gahh Kyoya!!!! I was wondering where we can watch this show with english subtitles? I think the manga is good as well. Where can i watch ouran highschool host club live action movie online?

Ouran High School Host Club Anime/Manga/Live Action Series

There was one other one I was going to suggest, but I forgot: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Now I have to wait until later before I can watch this. Thanks Koala, for your great work. Later that night at Nekozawa manor, the storm has caused a power outage as the boys prepare for dinner.

Before Tamaki and Haruhi can discuss anything, movue blast of thunder and lightning rocks the room and Haruhi immediately gets scared. Which kills me already. In the end, the guys also misunderstood her too. What I love about this show, and so many shows with over the top characters, is that when this show is done well, the characters may be cartoons, but their feelings are genuine, and they are as capable of breaking your hlst as any character on a good melo.


Before I just loved how funny this drama was, but now I actually connect with the three main characters — Tamaki, Haruhi, and Kyoya. His bromance with Tamaki is one of the best parts of Ouran.

She sees a topless Kyoya standing next to his bed. Thanks for this recap!

Tamaki is much too annoyingly over the top for me to really love him, while Kyoya is just my type. The lights come on just as Ourah walks downstairs, wearing a dress for the first time in front of the boys. Literally screaming when he dimmed the lights and walked over and just grabbed her.

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And now Haruhi is their personal princess, and they will protect her to the ends of the world. Koala already owns him…. Tamaki and Haruhi shoot each other supremely disgruntled looks. Tamaki jumps in after her. He actually needs Haruhi as much as Tamaki does.

Tamaki hugging Haruhi in a thunderstorm, or Kyoya looming over Haruhi in bed to teach her a lesson in male-female disparity? I watched the anime and loved it!

Where can I watch ouran highschool host club live drama?

We flash back to what happened earlier. Just remember to admire from a distance.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And when Haruhi was fished out, it was Kyoya shaking her in agitation, telling her enh wake up.

ouran high school host club movie on Tumblr

Where can i watch ouran highschool host club live action movie online? I think she accepted that ourzn was overcompensating, and would be more reasonable going forward. The way I saw it was that the boys all saw her as a friend and would likely immediately ask her for help.

If only there was another Haruhi for my Kyoya, then the Ouran world would be complete for me.

WHY did I have to read this right before the first class of the clubb starts?! Haruhi sits up as well and remarks that Kyoya is actually quite a considerate guy. I knew I could count on you not to encroach. Every heads back to school and Music Room 3.